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pine cone golf

pine cone golf lining upPine trees grow around here like grass on a golf course.

They are everywhere.

This time of year pine cones cover the ground as Chocolate Lab fur on a tan sofa.

A lot of folks rake while others stoop, but the dang things do have to be cleaned up or you are stumbling over a sea of them.

Many of us imagine golf-clubbing them off our lawn and pathways.

Thus I was inspired to buy a $1.50 5-iron at the thrift store.

Oh Yeah!

Works great.Missy's 5 iron

I have less than a dozen golf games under my belt…

and those were 40 years ago.

Thus my form and swing are unlikely to pass muster
by anyone who knows anything about the game.

However, I am the champ at Pine Cone Golf.

I have never seen anyone better.

Every once in a while those suckers really fly.

Silly, but much more amusing than using a rake.