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CIA’s clumsy hitters

In what strongly appears as a contract hit, Boris Nemtsov was murdered within photo-op distance of the Kremlin by multiple shooters from a slow-moving car. Though a tiny figure in current Russian politics, he could be called “an opposition leader”.

Of course the man of many names who could be called “president” was among the first to read from his teleprompter a message condemning the murder. A speech I suspect was written before the event took place.

Here is a really good news show covering the situation:
Moscow Murder
A manhunt is underway after prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov is murdered in a drive-by shooting right outside the Kremlin in the centre of Moscow; Vladimir Putin has expressed his condolences and ordered an urgent investigation – that as his spokesman tells RT that the killing was “100% a provocation.”; Barack Obama was one of the first world leaders to comment on the tragedy – condemning the brutal murder

As pointed out in the show, nobody has accused Vladimir Putin of being stupid. Putin’s approval rating is around 85%. To put that into perspective, Vladimir’s DISAPPROVAL rating is close to Obama’s APPROVAL rating. Come up with reasons a man or team of even modest thinking capacity would murder an obscure figure from politics of a decade ago.putin chess - obama bingo

They do not point to Moscow.

The only people who could imagine gain from murdering a public figure with less than 1% popular support would be the media manipulators and world war provocateurs that dominate USofA television screens.

The shock and dismay expressed by King O and Prince Kerry turns my stomach. Those murderers have presided over slaughters around the globe. Up to their eyeballs in blood and gore, they are trying to paint Putin as a bad guy???

Can anyone stain our team jerseys worse than these savage clowns?