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who do you trust?

Just because you do not take an interest in politics

doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.


One of the great frustrations for those who are paying attention is family and friends who don’t. I realize THE RULERS have the glitzy media on their team and the smoothest liars money can buy as spokesmen, but for goodness sakes, we have family, friends and community. How can they compete?

Ah yes, bread and circuses. Crap! Their bread may be GMO, HFC garbage, but the taste buds don’t seem to notice while the circus plays on and watered-down beer flows.

How can the victims not see it? In one picture is your father, mother, aunt, uncle or someone else who actually, really, truthfully cares about you. They want you healthy, happy and wise.

But their words, advice and suggestions run counter to Gen-u-ine ex-purts.

No contest.

Picture someone who loves you, treasures you and has spent as much time investigating both sides as you spend with your hobbies.

Place a snapshot of them in this picture frame.

One would think those caring about the person would be the drop-dead, absolute, no-brainer winner.

But NO. The pathological liars are the trusted ones.

You gotta be kidding me??? Over and over and over again their statements prove untrue, and in very short order. How can those constant and repeated failures be so quickly forgiven and forgotten?

Contrast that to an absolute rogues gallery of faces constantly delivered via the media monopoly.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. BushI would be ashamed to lose in a contest like that. Hare loses to tortise. Ferrari loses to Nash Metropolitan. Muhammed Ali loses to Urkel. Dog poop loses to filet mignon.

But losing I am.

In my defense, I have been outspent a trillion-trillions to one.

Unfortunately, someday they will know.

Bengazi 1On the plus side of the ledger, they are intelligent, ambitious, clever and resilient.

Or so I think.

But their inability to discern good from bad calls that into question. If they are actually intelligent and clever, how can this EXTREMELY SHALLOW scam suck them in so thoroughly? How can these abhorrently ugly people seem beautiful to them?

rothschild posterNearly everyone at the family reunion agrees that Uncle Harold is cracking up. “Just don’t talk about politics near him. He will go off on you.”

The rest can talk amiably for hours on end about television celebrities, sports figures, Hollywood movies, best-selling books, grand social gatherings and world affairs.

Just stay away from Harold. He’ll go off on drones murdering babies, America CREATING the Mideast wars, CIA fomenting WWIII. DC arming ISIS, NATO taking over Ukraine, the methodical rape of Africa and other totally outlandish weird stuff.

While the rest focus on LIVING, loony Uncle Harold studies all these crackpot ideas.

Welcome to The Matrix.MatrixBluePillRedPill

I took the wrong pill.

Or not.

I certainly could not un-learn what I know.
I could not be blissfully ignorant.
I understand there is no going back.

I need to watch the movie again.

How is it I am supposed to be at peace with this?