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body English

Since I almost never watch television, it is extremely rare I see the con-man-in-chief with his lips moving. On those few occasions recently where I did both, I was struck by the body language clues ohbummer puts out.

Where are his minders?

After each outlandish falsehood he utters, his mouth blatantly broadcasts the movements of resolute lying. Watch for yourself.

Following statements that could be parsed out to be technically true or at least not horribly false, his face gives nothing away. But when he really puts big ones out there, he sets that mask “this is our story and I’m sticking with it”.

Gerald Celente can be edgy at times, but in this show is not so much. He also catches and nails the liar-in-chief on this habit. See You Tube here:

By the way, “Commander In Chief” is a title the USofA Constitution bestows on the POTUS in times of declared war. Otherwise, HE IS MILITARILY NOTHING – a phrase that fits today in more ways than one.

If I seem disrespectful, would you invite this character into your home? Watch your pets? Care for your potted plants? I sure wouldn’t. Nor can I trust anything he represents.

His respect for me is such that he doesn’t care if I live or die.