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war stories

grandpa telling storiesWhat did you do in the war, Grampa?

Well …
I …
Uh …
I, uh,
I held the commoners down while the elites raped them.

What’s it going to be like in 30 years for those JBTs who spent the early part of the 21st Century cracking skulls, chemically spraying, gunning down and in so many other ways assaulting people who merely wanted to go about their lives?

How will the enablers explain to their roles to offspring?

How will the NSA geeks who capture, record, orchestrate, manipulate and regurgitate everything we do put a proud face on the fascist world they created?

It is one thing to ignore the reality of your life when you are Just doin’ the job that pays the bills or keeping your mind so close focused on being part of The Gang that you can pretend to yourself you don’t know what The Gang is up to.

But nearly all of those providing the muscle to the Psychopaths In Charge will survive into retirement, and have to answer to their grandchildren.

What of the people who doctor the news, forge documents, invent the alternate reality being sold to the masses? Will they simply keep on lying? Will their lies to the people and lies to themselves simply become lies to their children and grandchildren?

Surely somewhere inside they know what they do is wrong. There must be a tiny morsel of Edward Snowden and Pfc Manning lurking around in the human part of their being.

Maybe they don’t have the courage to stand up and resist the madness. Understandable. Few do. But how can they shut down all lucid thought in order to keep facilitating evil? Surely they can find a way out. Driving a truck collecting trash would be far more honorable than spewing claptrap and propping up human garbage.

Maybe that’s a piece of the ugly statistics regarding cops, alcoholism and wife beating. Perhaps drone operators, CIA/IRS/NSA/etcetera have similar ugly statistics.

How does one pretend that producing No Hesitation Targets is not going to result in lovely, wonderful, kind, peaceful people dying in hails of gunfire from JBTs? What kind of mental contortions do they have to go through to wash that blood off their hands? Can they keep it up long enough to tell their grandchildren something besides what filthy scum they were?

This whole train of thought assumes THE STATE allows people to know and have relationships with their grandchildren. Perhaps that is part of the plan: have The State raise all children. Abolish family and there is nobody to answer to… assuming you never look inside.