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net neutrality

How neutral is a government-controlled monopoly?

No matter how much you could afford to, you will not get permission to broadcast television or radio shows. TV news all looks alike, carries the same stories (as if that’s all that happened in the world in the last 24 hours) and coincides perfectly with the government’s goals.

Thank you, FCC for television neutrality.

But they have a HUGE problem with the Internet. People like me keep publishing information that Big Brother has neither scripted nor approved of. They have floated several ideas for “fixing” this. None have flown.

They are raising the “net neutrality” flag once again to see if we salute it.

We absolutely, resolutely must BURN IT

There is nothing wrong with the Internet that government intervention can fix.
The further away we keep them, the greater our freedom of the press…
and all other liberties we may hang on to.

On to the news:

Coming Soon: The Department of the Internet

from: Activist Post

Who opposes a free and open Internet? Answer: government. Who do activists beg to protect Internet freedom? Government.

Trusting the government to run the Internet is like trusting the NSA to never spy on Americans.

If the FCC’s plan to regulate the Internet is so wonderful, why can’t the American people read it before it goes into effect?