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terrorist manufacturing

Released Guantanamo Terrorist Killed in Afghanistan,
Recruiting for ISIS

Fellow Conservative,

We’ve been trying to stop Obama from releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for months.

Our argument is simple: if these extremists are released back to the Middle East, they will take up arms against the United States.

This Guantanamo lament comes in a constant stream from those now known as “conservatives”. I have about a million problems with it, but let’s start with the label “conservative”.

What are they conserving? They have no problem with Mr. Peabody’s coal trains destroying entire counties. They are equally sanguine about fracking toxins into groundwater, chemically sterilizing the best farmland in North America, going to war to turn Europe’s Breadbasket over to American corporations, burning forests with wildfire rather than managed regenerative harvesting, on-and-on.
presidential spending
Ah yes, fiscally conservative. Like their favorite President Reagan who increased the national debt by 178% and consumer price inflation by 64% – achieving a top 3 finish in both categories right behind FDR.

If the Feral Reserve says unlimited money forging is a good thing, The Conservatives blithely step right up with their support cheerfully ignoring 99% inflation per 100 years, the cause of it, and who actually received the stolen money.

Back up to the opening lines, what the heck is a terrorist? I was never even a little scared, let alone terrified. Were you terrified of these guys? Oops, sorry. You two better go read children’s books and leave the rest of us alone in the grown-up section.

What a stupid label. Terrorist. Putuweee.

How about the location – Guantanamo Bay. That’s in Cuba, right??? Can you go to Cuba? Can I go to Cuba? Can you buy Cuban cigars? or sugar? NO! NO! NO! and NO! The USofA has been in a trade war and embargo against Cuba for FIFTY YEARS. Yet there is a USofA Federal Prison there. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd?

Who is in this Cuban-American prison? Anybody THEY want to put in it. We aren’t allowed to know. They get no trial. They sometimes get lawyers. Maybe a visitor, but not family, for sure. People just disappear into the Cuban-American Black Hole. Constitution? We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution when we are busy doing God’s work.

And just like The Inquisition that preceded it, torture is one of the games the guards get to play down there. It is well proven to provide zero useful information, but it keeps our pet psychopaths from getting bored. And nobody cares about these terrorists anyway. If it saves ONE life … they murder babies ya’know (but not with drones, like civilized folks do) … they are Muslim extremists … they want nuclear weapons …

If/When they can get away with it, anyone who rats them out can disappear to Guantanamo. They would love to put Snowden down their for a little of their brand of justice. Nobody’s going to walk up to that prison and protest, demanding jury trials, habeas corpus, or release.

Residence in Guantanamo wearing an orange jumpsuit DOES NOT substitute for conviction by a jury of our peers.

Now let’s move on to the simpleton argument that men released from Guantanamo become USofA enemies.


Oh no. Surely they embrace us for sharing our culture with them and admire us for our freedoms.

Who could possibly do anything but write thank-you notes following their expense-paid Cuban-American vacation in Guantanamo Bay?

But somehow My Fellow Conservatives are now terrified of them.

I’m more worried about the monsters under my bed… and the ones hiding under color of law.