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two hundred forty $8,000,000 minutes

Super-Bowl-XLIX-Primary-700x756In the company of friends who also had not seen a football game on television for years, we watched most of Superbowl XLIX.

The pregame show for Stuporbowl Exlix reportedly ran from 11:00am to 4:00pm, but since the game didn’t actually start until 4:30, there was actually 5 1/2 hours of foreplay.

This was to sell advertising space. This explained the upcoming game and players to people who had watched football every weekend day for 6 months.

In-stadium seats for the first Superbowl cost $8-$12. Attending Exlix live averaged $3,000 for each chair. My mind reels with the neat stuff a disposable three grand would do for my family. Paying that to be packed cheek-to-cheek with a hundred thousand screamers drinking ten-dollar beers is boggling. nfl welfare

Speaking of stadiums, taxpayers built them… kinda oughta be free admission like taxpayer-built parks and playgrounds, eh? Or at least paid back to the buyers in some way. Smells an awful lot like a hyper-rich man’s trick to me.

Several times more affordable is watching it on a very large high-definition screen you bought for the occasion. Better still is watching on someone else’s. I did enjoy watching the game. As I said, I hadn’t watched one for many years and our friends’ big screen is current state of the art, that is to say very high quality. The match-up between teams was good with the game outcome decided at the very end.

What impressed me most, however, was EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS A MINUTE!!!

Everything I watched was priced around $8,000,000 per minute. Every minute. I was constantly fascinated by the people and businesses who felt there was profit in their investment. A 30-second Skittles ad was going to increase sales of colored GMO sugar drops enough to make a profit exceeding $4,500,000? Knock me down with a feather. Cars, trucks, websites, beer and so much more can boost sales enough to profit on eight-million-dollar minutes?

I don’t doubt the message, the conclusions of those making the investments, but am impressed – and not so favorably. Nothing I saw will inspire a single purchase of mine. I simply do not understand the masses.
The capper was the half-time show. Total trash. Twenty minutes or so of a show I would walk out on were I in the theater. All of those eight million dollars minutes. It left me thinking the people here deserve what is coming while they distract themselves watching bread and circuses.

The Georgia Guidestones, Council on Foreign Relations, Agenda 21, so many powerful figures are all saying the world population needs to be reduced by 90%. Watching the almost deliberate ignorance of world events certainly makes mass die-off seem a strong probability.