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Darby Dog Derby 2015

This coming weekend (January 17-18, 2015) is the 8th annual sled dog races run by The Bitterroot Mushers. Supporting the races with communication across the course from start to finish will be the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club. Providing course workers and transportation is the Bitterroot Ridgerunners snowmobile club. The two days of racing include 8-dog, 6-dog, 4-dog, 2-dog junior and skijor races. It is all a great event and interesting experience. Last year was my first experience. I was AMAZED at the energy of these dogs. They are exploding in place before the launch and still so after running full tilt continuously for hours. Teams from British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Montana are signed up to run as of this […]

Retail sales down, with one intriguing exception

by Vin Suprynowicz America’s remaining retailers were already pretty well shell-shocked after seven years of Great Recession administered by those geniuses from Goldman Sachs. But store owners got whacked again when they totaled up retail sales for the long Thanksgiving weekend — traditional start of the Christmas shopping season — and found they were down 11 percent from an already lackluster 2013. Who would have expected otherwise? Investors in America today operate in a high-risk environment. Our overreaching federal government, run by socialist rabble-rousers who have never had to meet payroll in any enterprise as expansive as a corner yogurt stand, can now shut down any enterprise by deciding it endangers some previously unrecognized weed or bug, or somehow generates […]

The End Game is Underway

By Jim Willie,   As 2014 leaves off and 2015 begins anew, the main theme seems to be the end of the American Empire, the demise of the Petro-Dollar, the blunt of USMilitary over-reach, and the global urgency of putting the King Dollar into a cement casing coffin. The global movement will gain strong momentum to end the dollarized terrorized nightmare. The entire world is coming to realize that the USDollar is wrecking the financial structures, ruining economies, forcing colossal debt abuses, while its defense is a grand threat to world peace. The extension of time before the execution has required pilferage of foreign adversary wealth and confiscation of foreign allied wealth. Shrouded in the entire grand transition is […]

Seattle Quake 9.2

Missy often points out how much better she takes in lessons when they are personalized in a story. That works well for me too. Seattle Quake 9.2 did a very good job of delivering many good lessons to me. At $2.99 for the e-book, it was also a great bargain. First off is the incredible power of a big earthquake. Reading about aftermaths and anecdotal interviews of survivors hasn’t grabbed my imagination quite as well as author Marti Talbott did with this book. How anything remains standing is the first question I was left with. Next big lesson is that of being prepared for A REALLY BAD DAY every day and every where. I will definitely be rethinking not just […]

non-conformity is a mental illness

Psychiatrists now say non-conformity is a mental illness: only the sheeple are ‘sane’ Learn more:   (NaturalNews) Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane. The so-called “condition” for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as “oppositional defiant disorder,” or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as […]

Public Safety Bag

Huh??? You gotta be kidding me! “Public Safety Bag” Ohmygosh, these people are crazy. Belay that… Baaaaa Somehow they were lulled into a headspace where they can imagine everything as a threat and absolute lack of privacy as The Answer. In the checkout line of the grocery store is this wonderous display of see-through bags for sale in the name of public safety. We are all safe as long as everybody knows what everybody else is carrying in their bags. See something that makes you nervous? Call 911. They will assemble a SWAT team to lumber out in their MRAP and kill anything that looks like it might possibly to be a threat to them. If you are lucky, you […]

Spring Lake

This is not what I am accustomed to for January 4th. Neither weather nor scenery are “right” for the season. It is also nothing like what I enjoy by way of elbow room. I pulled off the trick of a photo without other people in it, but believe me, they were EVERYWHERE else I looked. When I was 11, the water agency began filling Spring Lake, flooding a small portion of “My Woods”; the private playground of my youth. Fluffy and I spent thousands of fine hours wandering and exploring nature there. Neither of us were restrained by leashes of any kind nor interrupted by other humans. We followed paths and trails created by wildlife or blazed our own. Lucky […]

Government is the Country’s Biggest Problem, Say Americans

Independence DayGovernment (and the creatures who infest its rotten carcass) was the most important problem facing the United States in 2014, Americans tell Gallup pollsters. That’s up from being the second most serious problem in 2013, and the third-ranker in 2012. Who says the American political system is stuck? This is progress! The news that Americans are un-fond of government, Congress, the president, and politicians in general comes from an average of monthly survey results throughout the year. Given officialdom’s litany of stupid government tricks, the elevation of America’s own flavor of Leviathan to public enemy numero uno may seem like nothing more than good common sense to many observers. Perhaps an expression of collective survival instinct. Or, at least, […]

neighboorhood watch +++

Seeing this sign got me thinking … “PROTECTED BY VIDEO CAMERAS” What are they going to do, hit the bad guys over the head with their cameras? How about “This neighborhood protected by bouquets of pansies”? I think that is just as effective. I am NOT reassured to be on video cameras. I am not comforted that others are either. Whoopie! My beating or demise was recorded on video. How lovely. Maybe it will play for a few minutes on You Tube. My 15 seconds of fame. Really now, does anyone think this old brown sign is going to protect them or their neighborhood? Heck, any perpetrator a notch up from brain dead could use a stolen car or stolen […]