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lighthouse lit

lighthouse lit 1000x

Not wanting to forget turning off our Internet when it isn’t in use, I visualized a lighthouse going along with our brass sailboats. When lit, it would remind us that our wireless and modem were on.

Missy dropped it way down my ToDo list quite some time ago by finding a thrift store lighthouse and cable-tying a nightlight to the back of it.

As a measure of how much priority work is behind me, I finally got to fool around with the lighthouse project. Well, that plus the switch on the nightlight cord quit sending electricity to the bulb.

The nightlight, now without a switch on its cord, is now mounted with the bulb centered low inside the previously unventilated lighthouse, three small holes out the top and windows on the spiral staircase going across the front.

Effective, esthetic and makes a handy-dandy tiny light for the living room.

I am calling this one “DONE”.