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Radio Lessons from Afield

when all else failsDarby Dog Derby 2015

For timed and timing-related events, wearing your watch would be a good thing to remember.

Having emergency cold-weather gear always in your pickup in cold climates is smart.

Remembering they are there when your are chilled to the bone is smarter still.

Sadly, really cold and really stupid go together. Avoid becoming really cold.

The 7-inch upgrade to Baofeng antennas are good. The 14-inch are better.

27-year-old Kenwood hand-helds beat 2-month-old Baofengs on both transmit and receive.

Batteries do not like COLD. Extra batteries, better batteries, spare radios are all good ideas.

Practice is a very good thing. Regardless of what you think you know,

the real world is quite different from the imaginary one.