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Darby Dog Derby 2015

dogsled-8-dog-01This coming weekend (January 17-18, 2015) is the 8th annual sled dog races run by The Bitterroot Mushers.

Supporting the races with communication across the course from start to finish will be the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club.

Providing course workers and transportation is the Bitterroot Ridgerunners snowmobile club.

The two days of racing include 8-dog, 6-dog, 4-dog, 2-dog junior and skijor races. It is all a great event and interesting experience.

Last year was my first experience. I was AMAZED at the energy of these dogs. They are exploding in place before the launch and still so after running full tilt continuously for hours.

Teams from British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Montana are signed up to run as of this moment.

I encourage you to take advantage of the show if you are anywhere nearby. They are on the East side of Highway 93 just north of milepost ZERO …. the border…. the Gibbons Pass cross country and snowmobile area.

That little parking lot is quite full of dog team vehicles. Please park across Highway 93 at Lost Trail. Carpooling is also clever.