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Seattle Quake 9.2

Missy often points out how much better she takes in lessons when they are personalized in a story. That works well for me too. Seattle Quake 9.2 did a very good job of delivering many good lessons to me. At $2.99 for the e-book, it was also a great bargain.

First off is the incredible power of a big earthquake. Reading about aftermaths and anecdotal interviews of survivors hasn’t grabbed my imagination quite as well as author Marti Talbott did with this book. How anything remains standing is the first question I was left with.

Next big lesson is that of being prepared for A REALLY BAD DAY every day and every where. I will definitely be rethinking not just how my home is prepared, but how I am prepared to get home from wherever I go… that is, as soon as I get home from Seattle.

And there is some personal irony for you. Ick. I’m heading into Seattle today for a multi-day visit. I wasn’t overly fond of the idea before reading two e-book treatments of Seattle earthquakes. I’m less fond now, as if that was possible or helpful.

Step 1: Fershur I need a backpack … with me … always. And water. Always. And my ham radio. Always. And several other things. All tempered with my very real limitations in freight hauling ability.

Seattle Quake 9.2 was a pleasant read – really. It isn’t terrifying, but awakening.

The writing doesn’t get an A+ from me for perfect realism – hardly any authors can deliver that level as far as I’m concerned. But the characterizations of people, places and events are close enough that I thoroughly enjoyed the story and definitely appreciated the lessons.

I highly recommend this book over whatever else you planned to do for relaxation in the near future …
that is, unless your plans involved playing trombone or upright bass…
In that case, read after you are done making music.