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Public Safety Bag

public safety bagHuh??? You gotta be kidding me!
“Public Safety Bag”

Ohmygosh, these people are crazy.
Belay that…

Somehow they were lulled into a headspace where they can imagine everything as a threat and absolute lack of privacy as The Answer.

In the checkout line of the grocery store is this wonderous display of see-through bags for sale in the name of public safety. We are all safe as long as everybody knows what everybody else is carrying in their bags.

See something that makes you nervous? Call 911.

They will assemble a SWAT team to lumber out in their MRAP and kill anything that looks like it might possibly to be a threat to them. If you are lucky, you won’t appear threatening.

Just keep your eyes averted, head down and hands where they can see them. That often works.

excuse me excuse me

This place makes me nervous.

Lemme outta here.