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currency: how it works

This is the best, most succinct explanation of how currency works, how the economy works, why single-income middle class no longer exists and a lot more. Mike Malone’s team created an understandable, accessible video that breaks it all down for those who do “GET” economics yet makes it clear for those who have not been able to before. Things are harder to afford for 99% of us because the 0.01% took our money. Here’s how that was done … and continues to be done as long as we allow it. It will get worse unless WE change it. How it was done. How to fix it. See here.

adjectives, adverbs and other parts

In many circles, you could be forgiven for thinking the English language is very small with a certain four-letter f- word having deposed thousands of newly obsolete. There it is hugely versatile, replacing verbs, nouns, pronouns, and often being a complete declaratory sentence all by itself. Adding ‘n at the end turns it into adjectives and adverbs. Traditional dictionaries and thesauruses are outmoded. So many words with no practical value whatsoever. Costs and environmental impacts of printing modern dictionaries would be approximately equal to that of printing comic books. The trivial downside is its complete lack of meaning in normal usage. Nearly every time it is uttered by those most fond finds the common definition completely at odds with the […]

Pack vs herd vs lone individuals

from Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe Yesterday Mike Vanderboegh re-printed a classic that I’d missed first time around even though it riffs on a classic of my own — asking that ever-pertinent question, “When is it time?” Mike uses the sorry example of the Weimar German Reichsbanner to show how even the prepared can tragically fail to act when the day comes. The Reichsbanner were a military group sworn to protect the Weimar Republic against an anticipated Nazi coup. But when Hitler rose to power they did … nothing. They were waiting for a signal from a leader. And for various reasons, they waited. And waited. —– This got me thinking about the differences in packs vs herds vs lone […]

balance of trade problem solved

The Balance of Trade Deficit Requires Government Action #23 in a series from FEE.ORG (Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this essay was published in The Freeman in December 1998.) I have a dirty little secret. It’s about a nagging problem I have had for a long time. It just never seems to go away. Heretofore, I have not wanted to admit to this problem in public because the newspaper headlines remind me monthly that this sort of thing is bad and embarrassing. But I’m going to come clean, hoping that maybe someone out there can help me. My problem is this: I have a trade deficit with J.C. Penney. That’s right. Year after year, I buy more from J.C. […]

9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids

From: we are that family .com – by Kristen She borrowed something from me. And then she lost it. Accidents happen. But it was the whole “It only cost ten bucks-you can get another one” attitude that I couldn’t let happen a moment longer. So, I gave her a job that required hard work and gave her the $10 she earned and then I made her pay me for what she lost. Listen, when I realized I was more than half the problem in this whole entitlement parenting challenge, it was a wake up call. Kids naturally want what they haven’t earned, especially if we are handing it out for free. But what we have is an entire generation of […]

Improve Thyself

You are your most important project for liberty DECEMBER 08, 2014 by JACOB H. HUEBERT When Leonard Read created the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) in 1946, the prospects for liberty must have seemed bleak. Central planning had become the norm in the United States during the New Deal and World War II. Intellectuals and politicians almost universally rejected laissez-faire as a thing of the past. There was no libertarian movement at all. There was only a handful of dissenting intellectuals, such as Ludwig von Mises and Henry Hazlitt, whom Read could call upon to advise his organization. There was also a “remnant” of libertarians scattered across the country, but there was no way to even know who they […]

no hesitation targets

I first posted these as you and I are the targets March 9, 2013 at It is a piece of the police state that has been growing from long before that, including equipping local police forces with military equipment (lyingly called “surplus”) and training appropriate for a hostile, occupying army. While mainstream media and political figures are now fanning the flames of protest against the police state, it is good to remember that they are complicit, accomplices and principal actors in having created it to begin with. We KNOW that for some reason they want it, and that, furthermore, they now want you, us, to be fighting mad about its existence. Considering those facts brings the obvious conclusion that […]

Pearl Harbor and the Engineers of War

How FDR lied us into World War II by Justin Raimondo, December 08, 2014 Print This | Share This What gets me are the lies. Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction” – Iran’s (nonexistent) nuclear weapons program – the Vietnamese “attack” in the Gulf of Tonkin – Germans bayoneting Belgium babies – the sinking of the USS Maine: over the long and bloody history of US imperialism, these are just a few of the fabrications US policymakers have seized on to justify Washington’s aggression. It’s quite a record, isn’t it? Not only that, but there’s been little if any acknowledgment by the American political elites that they’ve ever lied about anything: it’s all been thrown down the Memory Hole, along […]

“It stops here.”

December 5, 2014 Claire Wolfe see the original: “It stops here.” at The Zelman Partisans “It stops here.” So declared Eric Garner, vendor of “loosies” — individual cigarettes sold to evade New York state and New York City’s deliberately punitive tobacco taxes. He continued, “I’m minding my business, officer. I’m minding my business. Please just leave me alone. I told you the last time. Please, please, please don’t touch me. Do not touch me.” Those weren’t quite his last words. As we all know by now, his last were, “I can’t breathe!” — repeated over and over again until he passed out from a chokehold and chest compression, then died as both police and EMTs stood around, indifferent to […]

inside view of Ferguson protection

The Ferguson Conundrum Solved By Community Security   This article comes from by Brandon Smith Many times in the past I have discussed the concept of what I call the “non-participation principle,” but often people misinterpret what “non-participation” really entails. Such a strategy does not mean an individual activist or group simply refuses to support the system by not using Federal Reserve notes, or not paying taxes, or not buying Monsanto-generated frankenfoods. That kind of thing is all well and good. But ultimately, non-participation means taking away power from the corrupt political and financial elite. Sometimes, this is done through force of arms — but not always in the way some might believe. One-dimensional tactics are often more dangerous […]

the WHY shows up

Yesterday I assembled information and links to a number of glaring oddities surrounding the Ferguson protests, riots, arsons and responses. Clearly USofA federal agents are doing some of the damage and a lot of the stirring up (see Ferguson, protests, looting, violence). I could figure some of their motivations, but felt I was missing something. Excerpts from yesterday’s closing words: … Obviously the Ferguson riots and arson are planned and supported by those running the federal government [amok]. To what end? … … There undoubtedly is more to it, but clearly we are supposed to be afraid of blacks if we are white and whites if we are black … … embrace the militarized police, knocking you around, for your […]