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the good war

sir-winston-churchillHistory will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

– Winston Churchill

Dubya-Dubya-Too is often considered the last good war. Some of us have to look almost a century prior to find a contender for that honor. Nevertheless, Winston is highly respected by history for his
“leadership during that time of crisis.”

Just in case you think things were GOOD then, This particular show is a great introduction to the unconventional member of the British Parliament, George Galloway, his wife, their guests, and their show.

One little snapshot into a rather unknown incident in WWII gives a great sense of who was running the show and the morality with which it was being run 75 years ago.

Reminder: The same people are still running the show. They own the politicians east and west, the media, the military-industrial-complex and your money. WARNING: The morality has not changed.

On to the show…