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no hesitation targets

I first posted these as you and I are the targets March 9, 2013 at

It is a piece of the police state that has been growing from long before that, including equipping local police forces with military equipment (lyingly called “surplus”) and training appropriate for a hostile, occupying army.

While mainstream media and political figures are now fanning the flames of protest against the police state, it is good to remember that they are complicit, accomplices and principal actors in having created it to begin with.

We KNOW that for some reason they want it, and that, furthermore, they now want you, us, to be fighting mad about its existence.

Considering those facts brings the obvious conclusion that they are hoping to nationalize all local police forces just about exactly like Obama called for during his 2007 election campaign.

Local control of police is a little bit of a check on their ultimate power to kill at will. National control is the signature of total tyranny in every totalitarian regime the world has ever seen.

On to the article I posted 19 months ago:

A Homeland Security supplier created a batch of “No Hesitation” targets that are a serious concern. Domestic Enforcers are being desensitized to shooting at regular everyday people. This, the psychos tell the enforcers, is to save lives. That is, the lives of You-the-enforcers. And, of course, what could be more important to the enforcers?

Once upon a time, people who liked to serve and protect OTHERS were attracted to sheriff and police careers. Seems like a fairy-tale today. These targets are just one more manifestation of our society’s descent into a police state.

no-more-hesitation-little-boy-real-gun-2x no-more-hesitation-older-man-in-home-shotgun-2xno-more-hesitation-older-woman-gun-2x


Consider the individual and cultural psychology involved here. The rulers have created a palace guard force of several hundred thousand armed, well, bullies. The force is weak of mind and morals, BY DESIGN.

They work at attracting, training and indoctrinating these people to shoot at anyone;
To . Just . Follow . Orders.

If you do that, we will pay you more than you can earn anywhere else. You can use excessive force to beat down anyone who offends you, anytime and anywhere. If they have the temerity to fight back, we will land on them with overwhelming military force.

If you ever get called on any beatings, thefts, rapes or murders, don’t worry. We own the courts and the prisons. It is almost impossible for any of us or our palace guard to ever really be punished. You can see that in the news anytime you look.

All we ask is that you also beat down anyone we order you to… without compunction … without hesitation … without guilt. Oh, and don’t worry about remorse creeping into your empty little head. We also have the best psychotropic prescription drugs and brain washing techniques ever devised by man. We can effortlessly clear out guilt feelings in people like you. That’s why you got the job.

This Nightly News report does an excellent job of covering the Targets
and the ammunition situation today. It ties together quite clearly … and does not bode well for us.

targets and ammo
You Tube

Here is one of the posters as shown in the manufacturers catalog.
Click on the thumbnail picture to see the catalog entry full-sized.


Dec 8, 2014 Post Script:
What do suppose would happen to my publishing career were I to post here
a few “No Hesitation Targets” for the side of life, liberty and property?