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the WHY shows up

Yesterday I assembled information and links to a number of glaring oddities surrounding the Ferguson protests, riots, arsons and responses. Clearly USofA federal agents are doing some of the damage and a lot of the stirring up (see Ferguson, protests, looting, violence).

I could figure some of their motivations, but felt I was missing something.
Excerpts from yesterday’s closing words:Riot-cops

… Obviously the Ferguson riots and arson are planned and supported by those running the federal government [amok]. To what end? …
… There undoubtedly is more to it, but clearly we are supposed to be afraid of blacks if we are white and whites if we are black …
… embrace the militarized police, knocking you around, for your protection …

Almost immediately The Big Reason shows up:

Plan To Exert Federal Control Over Local Policing

“… he is clearly in the process of usurping local police authority under the guise of civil rights protections, one has to question his actions.

Is his objective to remove the equipment from the jurisdictions to provide less resistance, or is he planning to fully arm them prior to asserting federal control. He would then be in control of his infamous civilian national security force he spoke of in 2007 during his first campaign. We should not allow ourselves to be deceived into thinking those were merely empty words …”

There you go. That one passes my smell test: It smells like the truth. If we cannot trust local police to be color blind and even handed, we are supposed to embrace the federal government with its racist advisors telling its racist president how to end racial divisions – and with the war-monger Peace-Prize drone-bombing record-holder leading the charge for peace on the streets…
directed from his throne in the Potomac Swamp.presidents change policies do not

Oh yeah, and I’m ready to buy that ocean-front property in Kansas now, too.

And for goodness sakes, please do not lump me in with those who think the ObamaNation is any different from the ones that preceded and those they intend to follow it with.

The Only Way this trajectory will change is if they lose in a big way – one that they do not plan for. At some point, we have to disrupt their plans.

I have no idea when or where that may occur, but it will be ugly …
Just not as ugly as going along with what they expect and demand of us.


Also an addition / update to yesterday’s post, the Oath Keepers who went to Ferguson to protect life and property were successful … and, therefore, chased away!!!

Oath Keepers Station Themselves on Ferguson’s Rooftops;

Police Order Them to Stop

Oath Keepers is a cautious, conservative organization. They knew that real Oath Keepers could be quite valuable in that area of civil unrest, but sought and received permission from Ferguson Police before going there to help.

They were welcomed – strongly by the people whose homes, businesses and lives they protected. They were even received positively by local law enforcement… initially, that is.

The Oath Keepers stationed on the street and on the roofs saw arson fires to the south and to the north, but none where they were.

Then these current and ex law enforcement and military saw federal sniper teams move in, set up on nearby rooftops and aim their rifles at the protectors!!!

locals appreciate Oath Keepers

locals appreciate Oath Keepers

No shots were fired. The Oath Keepers (OKs) remained on station.

Those guys are heroes. That is serious courage.

It is also an outrage.

OKs called local law enforcement.
“Nope. Not our guys. We have no idea what that’s about.”

Next day, however, succumbing to unknown motivators that changed their tune, the local leos ASKED the OKs to leave … leave the neighborhood to the arsonists, thugs and thieves (both professional and amateur).

OKs said they would only if directly ORDERED TO, and then under protest.

The orders came.

The implications clear.

The people at the top WANT looting, arson, pillaging, race war and,
as it turns out, local cops VS local populace.