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Illegal Immigrant Kids cost $260k each per Year

By Mark Wachtler December 29, 2014. Fort Sill, OK. (ONN) Remember this summer when tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children were streaming across America’s southern border into the US? They are still coming, at an estimated rate of 5,000 to 10,000 per month, unaccompanied and into the waiting arms of the Obama administration, the DNC and the Dept of Health and Human Services. American taxpayers are finally receiving the bills for what turns out to be luxurious amenities, costly gifts and welfare benefits that homeless American children only dream of. Flooding America by design Roughly 100,000 illegal immigrant children have snuck into the US this year via our southern border, with federal aid workers welcoming 68,361 with open arms […]

world’s stupidest hit contracts

US and coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria have killed nearly 1,200 people ‒ including 52 civilians ‒ and wounded at least 800 others at a cost of more than $1 billion since the bombings began in September. IF those folks were all enemy soldiers, it would be an outrageously expensive $833,333 per hit. How much do you suppose it should cost to kill four months’ worth of enemies? I don’t have an exact figure in mind, but know I could do it for a whole lot less … and I sure as heck wouldn’t be killing so many innocents. Even if I was incredibly sloppy, I couldn’t even come close to the random slaughter The Peace President […]

hugging trees to death

Great grandfather oaks stand in twin rows alongside California’s Highway 12. All day long, automobile traffic backs up solidly in the two-way lane between them. Breaks in traffic must be provided by electrical signal lights scattered along the way. Widening this road to match the four-lane highways that surround it is politically impossible. The vast majority of the people in the stately oak’s ancestral home ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM … and protect each and every one until they collapse to the ground from old age, and complete their return to the earth by decomposition. Permission to cut even a single grandfather oak is a multi-year, multi-agency process that includes public notices and public hearings; one that is accomplished occasionally, but only […]

Celtic Woman

Good friends introduced us to Celtic Woman. The blending of traditional Celtic, classical music, quite possibly the finest performers of their art in the world, with great production and videography make truly awesome videos. The vocals are so clean, clear and pure as to defy description by simple words. Máiréad brings that same mastery to the violin with a physical energy and movement that absolutely defies the sound. I am sure the combination is impossible, but she consistently proves me wrong. Missy and I have seen three of their videos twice … completely awed by all three. The first, titled simply “Celtic Woman” is not available at their website. The second, Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration while timely for this […]


The People’s Republic of Left Coast again shows its special genius. Leading the way to our brave new world, the voters have agreed to implement The Humane Society‘s dream chicken-ranching beautification scheme (humane to non-human animals, that is). Part 1, as encoded into law by voter initiative, all chicken ranches in California had their operations dictated to be nice to the birds raised therein. Well, as nice as the law-writers could mandate with an edict comprehensible to the voting public (a rather low common denominator to be sure). Part 2 came from the legislature in response to chicken rancher pressure. All eggs imported into California must come from facilities equally handicapped by egalitarian humane standards. As a result, mass-volume factory-farm […]

Nullification Works

Congress Ends Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana Ryan McMaken from Mises Institute blog The LA Times reported on December 16: Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy. The bill’s passage over the weekend marks the first time Congress has approved nationally significant legislation backed by legalization advocates. It brings almost to a close two decades of tension between the states and Washington over medical use of marijuana. Under the provision, states where medical pot is legal would no longer need to worry about federal drug agents raiding retail operations. Agents would be prohibited from doing so. The Obama […]

storm door

We have been dragging this “brand new” storm door around and storing it ever since I didn’t get around to installing it in our Grangeville home… That’s three moves and seven years ago. I tried selling it a couple of times, but there is no market for unused storm doors … at least not one that I found. Our old new door found a real home this week. One we both like a lot. It ought to keep the storms out of our sally port. My experience framing and hanging doors is limited, to say the least. Nevertheless, it turned out right fine by our standards. Ah, then I turn around and face the sunset. Nature went and one-upped me […]


By by Andrew P. Napolitano Those disturbances also revealed the difficulties of hardworking black families trying to make decent lives for themselves by endeavoring to leave the inner cities and, as basketball player-turned-philosopher Charles Barkley stated, the opportunities of inner city “scumbags” willing to steal and pillage and incite for some temporary material or political gain. We saw this again in Los Angeles during the Rodney King affair, in which a jury in a state prosecution acquitted two white cops of savagely beating an unarmed black man, and the mobs rioted. Thereafter, the same cops were charged with federal crimes based on the same facts and were convicted by a federal court. As bad as it was for those […]

It is Never Too Late to Embrace Personal Austerity

from Backdoor Survival Whenever my travels take me to the Seattle area, I am amazed at the extent of conspicuous consumption. The fancy cars, the filled-to-the-brim shopping bags, and the crammed-to-the-gills restaurants are always a surprise. Perhaps I have lived in a rural community too long but when whenever I see this, my first thought turns to wondering whether these city folks have a clue about living simply and being prepared. Do they have a rainy day fund? Do they have stored food? Do they have skills to survive without a job or a government hand-out if the worse were to happen? It has been a long time since I have written about financial preparedness so I thought today […]


TOWARDS THE CREATION OF A NEW WORLD ORDER By Doc Marquis December 15, 2014 Ever since Barack Obama usurped the White House, almost six years ago, so many people have said to me: “What’s going on?” This guy is destroying America.” “None of this makes sense anymore.” Actually, it makes perfect sense if you know the inner workings and plans of the Illuminati. Obama has been following a carefully crafted and well-honed seven part plan that will usher in the Illuminati’s New World Order. \ This plan has been used by other dictators for more than a century and when we carefully examine this plan of the Illuminati you will understand that everything, which has been happening in the […]

uneducated, illiterate, barefooted, gun-toting hayseeds

by Vin Suprynowicz Has it really been five years — Thanksgiving of 2009 — since I posted a “readers respond” column under this headline? For those who’d like another gander at what passes for reasoned, well-documented debate among the defenders of today’s mandatory government youth propaganda camps, I believe it’s still posted at . I had the chance to vote “No” for more government-school bond sales — and ongoing taxation to retire them, with interest, of course — last month. Take yourselves hence, therefore, and do likewise. “But Vin, while we all admit the public schools have their flaws, won’t you work with us to try and reform them?” No. Sixty-plus years of “reform” runarounds — of which the […]

10 Charts to Brighten Your Century

Sometimes the hysteria just isn’t backed by the data DECEMBER 16, 2014 by MAX BORDERS They say our human brains are evolved to remember stories. Stories help us organize information about the world. We used oral histories and myths before we used science and statistics. So the power of stories is still with us, and it still affects us. Whether true or false, plausible narratives can spread quickly online. Unless false ones are debunked, they can stick around. The crisis du jour can become “common knowledge” as a single event somehow becomes evidence of a wider, growing problem. Politicians love this stuff because it gives them something to do. Legal scholar Cass Sunstein and professor of economics and political […]

the good war

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. – Winston Churchill Dubya-Dubya-Too is often considered the last good war. Some of us have to look almost a century prior to find a contender for that honor. Nevertheless, Winston is highly respected by history for his “leadership during that time of crisis.” Just in case you think things were GOOD then, This particular show is a great introduction to the unconventional member of the British Parliament, George Galloway, his wife, their guests, and their show. One little snapshot into a rather unknown incident in WWII gives a great sense of who was running the show and the morality with which it was being run 75 years ago. […]

Starting over in Darby

Couple opens nano-brewery, finds joy in new simpler small town life Perry Backus – Ravalli Republic JC and Hilary McDowell hope their new Bandit Brewery in Darby will become a family-friendly meeting place for the community. DARBY – It’s no secret that the Great Recession turned many people’s lives upside down. Afterwards, some wallowed in grief over what they’d lost. Others simply gave up. And then there were those who decided there was no better time to stop, take a deep breath and reconsider what was really important in this life. After considering the lessons learned during that upheaval, some folks opted to move forward to reinvent themselves and create a new life from the ashes of the old. […]