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blizzards of bodies and snow

america needs jobs not foreign workersWith the excitement regarding Emporer O’s latest play in Las Vegas, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of this action.

The online social media community is all atwitter over various obvious negative impacts of this stroke-of-the-pen amnesty for illegal aliens.

I agree completely, but that is only a piece of it; the tip of the iceberg.

The majority of the voting public (about 20-25% of the heretofore legal adult USofA residents) just firmly expressed dissatisfaction with the Barry Soetoro and equally law-abiding Democrat leadership. They strongly repudiated the trajectory.

This, of course, means some token, cosmetic change should be made. Nobody knows what the endorsed Republican congressional majority might pretend to change, but immigration is definitely a hot topic.

Why?vets before illegals

Because of the recent FLOOD of ILLEGAL immigrants across the USofA/Mexican border.

If your memory is capable of extending back 6 months, you are not only well above average, you may also recall that buses and airliners were chartered by the USofA federal government to bring several hundred thousand people into this country from Central America and South America
(I highlighted one of my pet peeves here in that they are also residents of “America” and are by birth “Americans”).

This was a pre-planned flood with RFPs (government requests for proposals) issued a full year ago, seeking housing, managers, supervisors, food and other logistics for several hundred thousand Spanish-speaking youth. The RFPs went to religious groups, state governments, cities and many were wide open to anyone who wished to be a private contractor (like, say, a pedophile ring with dormitories to fill). Are you a seller of 10-million freeze-dried-GMO food-like substance servings? We are buyers.

These hordes were spread all over the USofA with precious little mainstream press coverage and virtually nobody knowing sgs-emp how many groups of how many individuals were established in how many places. “Teeming masses” seems to be as close as any estimate of the numbers involved.

What was the point? Stuff like this happens with an objective in mind. What were they up to? What ARE they up to?

We know for sure it was not from a need for more prospective employees. We had no worker shortage before they started this gambit. Not even the most hard-core monopolist was wishing for a larger labor pool.

emporer oOne unequivocal aspect, The Imperial O has once more demonstrated the absence of a constitution in this country. I challenge any of you with an analytical bent to take a run through The Constitution and Bill Of Rights to make a count for us of the violations. I would be completely unsurprised to find treason, impeachment and hanging all on the list of lawful responses.

But what will the response be?
Nearly nothing, unless I miss my guess.

We do, however, now have another piece of the puzzle out on the board. They have shown another card from their hand. But I still don’t see the main play.

I’ll have to ruminate on this one a while. It will come to me at 0300 some day soon and I’ll be up for hours typing into this blog.

Meanwhile, a mini-blizzard of actual snow is coming my way. I have some chores to complete outdoors before it arrives.