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Ibanez bass guitar + kit for sale

bass guitarI got the best bass setup I could imagine, but “things” got in the way.

My research found the Ibanez RDGR bass with active pickups to be THE BEST. So I bought one and a bunch of other stuff to make it work. Now I need to switch to acoustic bass.

Ibanez RDGR (road gear) bass guitar w/ active pickups
Acoustic B20 bass guitar studio amp
On Stage amp stand
Rok Sak bass guitar travel bag
Monster Cable 25-foot guitar cable
Thomastik-Infeld bass guitar strings – new, in box spare set
The Fixer bass guitar wall hanger
guitar strap

All of it is nice, clean, in great shape and worth a whole lot more than $500. If you are wanting a bass guitar that helps you play well and could easily go pro, this is the setup.

same ad with contact information:
bass and amp

There you can also see someone selling the same bass guitar
Ibanez SR500 – $425 (Hamilton)
– without any of the extras.
Here you get several-hundred-dollars-worth more stuff
– that is needed to actually play the thing.

bass guitar wall mount
I finally found a bass teacher and nice group of musicians that I could play with … As long as I use an acoustic, upright, string bass. Now I need to commit and start putting the money together for that.

bass guitar strings fbass guitar bag