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incumbent advantage weakens

baby-steps‘Tis Monday Morning Quarterback time for the November 4th election.

The results of the House election are not complete, but the governor and senate races are. There is some good news. The incumbency advantage which is consistently over 90%, often WAY over, was under 70% this time.

Strong majorities of voters in Alaska, DC, Oregon and Florida voted to weaken or end the war on marijuana. While Florida’s medical marijuana YES vote garnered 57.6% it needed 60% for their law to take effect. Nevertheless some strong language has been spoken to the D/R ruling party regarding its 50-year war on NON- big-pharma/AMA-monopoly-prescribed drugs.

Fed Up actually had some effect.

Not that I’m so delusional as to expect great change, but the 6-year juggernaut has stumbled. The Senate and House Republicans have a 2-year window to show some attractiveness to the people they supposedly represent.

I didn’t tabulate the as yet incomplete results, but strolling about also seemed to show a lot stronger polling for the Libertarian Party as well as other non-ruling party candidates.
resistor schem

Resistance may be taking baby steps.