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Lucy pulls footballTomorrow is the 2nd Tuesday of November.
‘Tis the season of promises …
I would love to mean “promise“, but it just ain’t so.
The Democrats are busy promising personal freedom,
while the Republicans promise public spending restraint…
and the suckers line up to vote for their favorite color of jackboot…
As Henry Ford said of the Model T,
“Customers can have any color they want as long as it is black”.

Speaking of colors, I refuse to comply with the Newspeak color reversal – you might have noticed that the party espousing red is indeed colored red… again, not that what comes out of their mouths matters a whit.

Regular readers will notice this as the same chart I created and published before. I finally got fed up with the formatting enough to fix it. Now I like to look at it and want to keep it here for reference.

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