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election foreplay

bucket of wormsOf the 316,128,839 people in the USofA, we are supposed to believe there are only a handful who are qualified to be President Of The US (POTUS). The media monopoly parades this handful in front of us for a couple of years while they jostle, squirm and wriggle to be near the top of the cheerfully-decorated slime pot when the final 12 month show begins.

In its first century, there were unlimited political parties. Loyalties shifted with the people, times and events. That was difficult to control and manage for those who wished such power. While liberty thinks of that as A Good Thing, those who would rule found it a problem to be solved. Solve it they did, while liberty slept.

In small, subtle steps, power shifted and choices shrank. From 1788-1888 six different parties won presidential elections plus one unaffiliated candidate. From 1888 through today, which is a greater period of time by the way, exactly TWO different parties have had their candidates elected as POTUS.

In that same 1888-2014, 126-year period, media has consolidated from uncountably plentiful to SIX monopolies. Banks have consolidated from numerous beyond count to NINE who own nearly all the money and credit. The richest 1% of the world’s population “owns” 50% of the world’s wealth while the bottom 80% in the USofA own 5% of its financial wealth.

How do I break this to you gently? You don’t matter … oh, except on election day when you line up to loyally vote against the party you normally vote against.
The recently really stupid stuff spewing out of Hilary’s mouth stresses her real strengths as a presidential candidate. Getting economics completely upside down she proclaims that,
“Businesses do not create jobs”
as if the anti-Hitlarys need supplements to Benghazi-gate, theft of White House antique furniture, plates and silverware, her collection of FBI data and use of the IRS-weapon against her enemy list during her last visit to the White House, bombing the Serbs in order to hide the enemy-list creation, the wake of the dead on her last road to Washington, etcetera.

Potential Libertarians and Constitution Party voters are frozen in fear. “I MUST vote Republican or THAT might win”.

Those who loved her before, love her even more as she spins up to promise them income without the humdrum difficulties of producing something useful in a competitive marketplace of ideas, services and results.

I have to admit it is tough to find a widely recognized figure that has an adoring fan base who could be more successful at sending the flocks and herds scurrying to the shelter of whatever the Republicans may offer. Who could do more for the Republicans than Clinton II?

Chris ChristieThe other half of the game has a couple of leading contenders with the same basic charter. Send any possible Green, Socialist or Justice Party voters in a panicked scramble to have their “X” counted under “Democrat” lest the Republican ogre win.

Meanwhile, the anti-Republican hobgoblin cannot be COMPLETELY reprehensible to the anti-Democrats.

I know this gets a bit confusing, like anti-matter, electronic resistance and magnetic repulsion, but the most important feature is somewhat akin to the team of sheepdogs herding the flock into the corral if you think of the flock as being those inclined towards “the other” political party. Rather than a shepherd attracting the flock using alfalfa, soft words, pleasant songs and such, the game is played on fear as fostered by the media monopoly. Levels of revulsion are the key attributes.

I gotta hand it to both of them, they keep outdoing their prior amazing heights of revulsion – or is that depths? Either way, I definitely have not been able to vote FOR either a Republican or a Democrat in recent memory.

That, rather startlingly, places me in a HUGE group within spitting distance of the majority, that is 42.5% of the voting-age USofA population don’t vote FOR POTUS. Wow! I’m never in that percentage range in anything I do. Of course, to the worms in the slime bucket and their handlers, it don t mean a thing. They need about 28.76% of the potential voters against their kind-of competitor, but even losing the race hardly changes the direction of THE STATE in any discernible way.

Count me among the vast uncounted. I either vote FOR an individual or I don’t vote.

Attractants on a political ballot are few and far between.