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fair is for suckers

playing monopolyThe gang has been slaving away at Parker Brothers’ Monopoly Game for a couple of hours now. This is a serious game.

In spite of all his advantages, The Banker is going down. Not that he made too many awful decisions, but he just wasn’t smart and lucky enough to stay on top.

This is a serious, adult game, and a dog eat dog, take no prisoners world.

Except for Quantitative Easing – the secret weapon. He may not have been as clever, smart, alert and/or fortunatemonopoly-money as the rest of the group, but when it comes to devious, he’s the champ.

Stashed into his coat pocket is a complete replacement set of Monopoly Money (Actually, three or four sets, in case it was a really bad day). He simply Quantitatively Eases his way into being as wealthy as the entire rest of the room combined.


Fair is for suckers. Winning is for winners.

In a fair game, the rest of the room would tar and feather him; run him out of town on a rail.

But nobody nowadays expects fair.

They shrug, say “what can we do?” and continue to work away for second place.

Unfortunately, the way the banker(s) play this game, there is no second place. There are winners and there are losers. Royalty and serfs. Elites and peasants.

Until the peasants recognize the game.