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do-it-yourself root canal

tooth pullerIf you think my experience with natural healing a flu I was likely to survive anyway was impressive, I waited quite a while to even post this next one. I’m still struggling to believe it myself. Don’t let the heading fool you, that’s just my copy editor being his perverse self.

I have a little expertise with root canals, having had 4 done in my mouth; one a re-do of another that wasn’t quite right. Those were all tooth infections gone big, bad and ugly.

?????I had another almost kill me. The incompetent monopolist MD in Grangeville kept ramping up the dosages of prescription antibiotics without ever diagnosing my sinus pain complaint as a massive tooth infection. In desperation, I saw a very good dentist who sent me immediately to Lewiston for an emergency extraction. According to him the infection was “as big as a peach” and I was within hours of dying from it.

We have since run across a significant body of information suggesting that tooth cavities can be healed, that drilling/filling are often unhealthy choices, root canals are bad for you and many other challenges to the standard ADA practices.

That unprocessed food for thought was in the back of my mind when I figured out what was going on with my mouth early this month. The large area of sore gums around the molar and localized high-cheek pain finally became powerful and resolved itself into a familiar pattern. Oh crap! I have another infected root.

The swelling is pretty far along by the time I confront the truth of the matter. I have a lot of infection putting pressure in the whole region. I know this cannot be ignored, silver gelbut I also feel compelled to try Plan B prior to doing the normal cutting, drilling, $1000+ thing.

Serious infection requires serious medicine. Silver is widely known for this.

Hmmm… I have some Silver Gel on hand “strictly for topical use”. Well, heck, people swallow colloidal silver all the time for medicinal use. I won’t swallow much…

So I begin putting a dollop on the end of my toothbrush and rubbing it around the tooth/gum area that hurts. Yeah, it hurts. Then I rinse, avoiding rinsing the silver gel away from the really tender areas.

In a few days it hurts a whole lot less. Great. I may have delayed the root canal. If I put a nickel a day into the cookie jar, I can afford the root canal July 5th, 2069.

I keep this up several times a day, after each brushing plus one or two.

silver blue man-ArgyriaMissy is not comfortable with this at all. She’s all over the Internet fetching internal-use-of-silver horror stories. “That stuff gets in and can’t get out! Your skin will turn blue. You will never be able to go out in the sun again.” Etcetera.

It is getting better so quickly I am quite impressed. In a week, the symptoms are gone. In deference to Missy’s fear-mongering I quit… for a day. Then realize the at least as dangerous big-pharma chemical antibiotics usually run for 10 days. I resume and finish my full 10 day treatment without worrying her with that little detail.

Over three weeks later, I’m still waiting for the first sign of that tooth infection to return. My resistance to “oil pulling” is weakening. My interest in alternative oral care is increasing.

I’m sure as heck not going to recommend my home-made root canal to anyone. I have insignificant knowledge on the multiple topics involved.

But, if you happen to have some topical silver gel … Belay that…

Have some Sovereign SILVER first aid gel on hand.

It is powerful, versatile, useful, safe, effective and quite thoroughly proven.

If you happen to be adventurous with your next toothache,
you could try the not-yet-blue-Ted silver toothpaste trick.