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eboloa puzzle

child puzzleWhile ebola is busy dominating the mainstream media, I thought I’d take a few minutes (okay, writing these things takes 50-times longer than reading them, but I quibble here) to put some puzzle pieces on the table. Assemble them together however you like.

For a couple of decades, the USofA biological warfare department has hankered for an ebola virus that was a bit more robust than the natural one. It has a certain appeal for laying your enemies low… a 90% mortality rate, not to mention making those who contract it way too sick to fight and devastating any remaining community.

By happy coincidence, the Bilderberg/UN Agenda 21 has been quite public about desiring a 90% reduction in the population numbers on the planet Earth. Kind-of a match made in heaven… or that opposing place in biblical scholarship.

This wonderful mad-scientist community that can splice parts of a skunk onto parts of a politician … uh, not that, they occur naturally … but anyway, completely unrelated genes are combined to do really new and totally weird stuff… that the Earth has never seen before and that do not fit into the natural world.

So these people grow up inside a government-run school system, study in some specialty that seems interesting to them in their youth, then approaching graduation after 20 years of school, land a job promising appreciation and steady income for surviving that tutelage to the age of 25. Now all they have to do is keep following direction from above … and homogenize some scary mutations “for science” …. we promise to never ever use it, except against really awful people… but that won’t happen… trust us.

Mad Scientist funding comes from only one place in modern times. Dr. Frankenstein was an inherited-money freelance operation, but his results had very limited impact on the whole world. The big boys operate on a much larger playing field. If only ebola was easier to spread… they wondered. Ya’see, viruses don’t naturally kill off hosts completely and survive themselves. That particular limitation needed fixing for ebola to be a good tool.

I’m going to leave that topic now; that piece is lying on the table. Let’s see if it fits in anywhere.

Since you are at the Bitterroot or its older sister Idaho, I will assume you know full well that mainstream media has long been consolidated into 6 pairs of hands; 6 controllers. They have, to the casual observer, an uncanny coincidence of story lines, headlines, video clips, feature photos and so on – very much like they all have the same author… cuz, obviously, THEY DO.

Paraphrasing how Jerry Mander, an absolute expert in media and mass manipulation, put it, mainstream media news is much like a satellite orbiting earth at 6,935 mph, viewing the surface through a long-range telescope and reporting on that tiny fraction it sees as it zooms by. Reported is a billionth of what happened in the last 24-hour-period. Unreported is nearly everything that happened.

Who chooses what is news? How do they describe it? Remembering that those 6 guys in charge of mainstream media all belong to the same club, the information you get is unsurprisingly related… as if that tiny pinpoint view was all that really happened on the planet Earth. Change the channel: same story, same pictures, same descriptions… or indiscernably different.

We now leave that puzzle piece on the table.

Northrop Grumman, GE, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Colt, Blackwater, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Hewlett-Packard and oh-so-many more partake in killing 100 or more people a day, every day, every week, every month. They collect HUGE paychecks for building the tools of death. They spend a small fraction of it wining, dining, bribing and contributing to the election campaigns of folks who think the whole business is okay. It is an interesting business and what you think of it really doesn’t matter. Once in a while they will let you choose between one of two criminal spokespersons so you can feel a part of it.

The killing they do does not appear in the telescope as it orbits the earth. Of the important shows, the newsworthy stuff, those obliterated men, women, children, towns, villages and cultures just don’t measure up.

Set that piece aside for now.

Ebola has been around for centuries. Handfuls of people have died from it. It never made the big screens. It kills most hosts and dies off in obscurity. A month ago, a couple of ebola cases became mainstream media headline news.


Why are we suddenly supposed to notice ebola?

Now those six dudes have been showing us ebola every day for weeks… leading stories, major headlines, big deal, top concerns in this pinpoint snapshot of the planet Earth.

Just for comparison sakes, medical “mistakes” kill 98,000 per year or about 11 per hour. Ohmygosh, we have an AMA physicians virus killing us all off….

Better question: Why is ebola the big story?

Set that piece down.

The military/industrial/political/bankster conglomerate has been seriously trying to get us to accept disarmed, martial law for over a decade. None of their false flags has inspired the mass surrender they envisioned. Rather obviously, they don’t understand us at all. Nevertheless, they continue to frighten the sheep and expect the goats to surrender.

The dang sheep surrendered before the Bilderbergs started. The goats will not, no matter what sort of show they put on. This game is not going to end according to the script they write at their Bilderberg meetings. This is not to say the ruling elite won’t win, but that war plans famously have an uncanny, regular way of falling apart the moment the first shot is fired.

It is my expectation that their next false flag event will be dramatically bigger than any ever foisted on the world. These genetic inbreeds cannot think their way out of their perverted cardboard boxes. But the sheep line up to feed them mutton, so nobody notices.

A tiny puzzle piece that may loom large:

The rulers have determined that soldiers, sailors, airmen and officers who understand The Constitution constitute a problem in an organization that is supposed to dumbly follow orders from above. If they went to war college and learned that the Nuremberg Defense was not okay, they simply had to go. So captains, majors, colonels and generals were recently fired. Following orders may not be a legal defense, but is absolutely necessary for anyone who desires continued employment in the Bilderberg Military Industrial Complex.

Intelligent, honorable military men are not welcome. What’s left? This, perversely, is good news for us. Quality is on our side. Incompetence is on theirs. Cool beans… stupid inbreds.

What does ebola offer them? Why is this the main play today?

Consider the lengths they have gone to in the last decade to disarm the most famously armed civilization on the planet. The licensed big game hunters in a couple of states outgun the largest armies of the world.

We can’t stand serious competition.
This won’t do.
How can we subordinate the masses when they can shoot back?
Those dang Constitutionalists keep shutting us down.

We quarantine the nation.
The sheep will scream bloody murder if anyone doesn’t submit to our ebola checkpoints. We merely have to whip them into a froth. The sheep will mob the goats.

Except, that isn’t how sheep perform.

For tonight, I am done putting puzzle pieces on the table. You go ahead and fit them together as you wish. I know how they fit in my mind.