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How to communicate when the world goes silent

by graywolf from Montana Motor So how would you communicate with your family or get help if communications go down? So if you found yourself in the middle of a wide-scale disaster such as a hurricane or other catastrophe and you had no government coming to help for a while, how would you communicate with your family or others? What if the power grid went down? You won’t be able to rely on your cell phone. There are alternatives, however. I’ll go over the basics of some emergency communication methods but if you want more detail, check out Personal Emergency Communications: Staying in Touch Post-Disaster: Technology, Gear and Planning. Ryan Nelsen (R) and Fields Harrington ride a tandem bicycle […]

adult ed class: preparedness

I am offering two classes for the Darby Adult Ed program this fall. Pre-registration officially lasts through Monday, September 22nd. If there are 7 or more registered, the class will take place. One is a 2-hour short course called “Radio Communicating Options“. It covers walkie-talkies to HAM Radio with primary focus on emergency communications. It runs from 10-noon on Saturday, September 27th. Related, but a separate subject, the next 9 Saturdays will have study groups leading to HAM licenses if there is enough interest. Here is what the flyer says about my big fall class: Being Prepared The Boy Scout motto is just at least as valid now as it ever was. Nature and man have a way of delivering […]

rotten core

Common Core Programs a Child’s Brain Like a Computer By Mack Rights from The Bunker I’ve been thinking more and more about that video on Common Core math that was posted on The Blaze recently. It was an interview with a grammar school teacher in Williamsville, NY- one of the really nice suburbs of Buffalo. Quit with the giggles, there really are nice places around Buffalo. Go Bills. You can see the video below. The second video is how to do Common Core subtraction, but it’s so ridiculous that the news lady cuts the teacher off in mid thought. In the first one, the teacher teaches the reporter the Common Core Math method of adding 9 and 6. Rather […]

no personal offense intended

Even as I wrote it I knew that yesterday’s “monster cookies” could easily give offense; could be taken as judgmental or a personal insult. Unlike the vast majority who have more refined social skills than mine, the words came out anyway. However, I planned this apology or explanation even as I wrote. Yesterday had a grocery store trip planned where I could take these snapshots and scout the isles for this article. First off, I know my perspective is unusual, abnormal (as in absolutely not normal), unique, non-mainstream, etcetera. Secondly, I am very much aware that I am not perfect … I don’t even play perfect on TV. While being good, moral, industrious and such are attractive to me as […]

modern homeschooling

Homeschooling: The Kid Likes It (and Mom and Dad Have Homework Again) J.D. Tuccille|Sep. 18, 2014 11:53 am from “Oh, you’re doing that, too?,” the building contractor asked when he walked in while my son was working on his Literature lesson. “My youngest daughter is taking high school online. They were bullying her at school.” While he undid something interesting my wife had done to the garbage disposal and then measured for book shelves, he added, “It looks like she’ll already have her freshman year finished in December.” Just weeks after signing on to home-based schooling, and two days into formal lessons, we’re running into a fair number of kindred spirits who also opted out of brick and […]

monster cookies

My daughter-in-law requested a cookie recipe I developed over 20 years ago. I delivered. Of course I still have it. I LOVE those cookies… they are delicious, healthy, hearty … and fattening (oops). Perhaps in moderation … Much like me with cafe’-racer motorcycles, I don’t seem to know about moderation with awesome cookies. So I don’t make them. In our correspondence, she responded that the ingredients specified, and I suppose natural foods in general, are expensive. She does have a very large family to feed. Monetary expenditures are certainly a necessary consideration. She is also responsible for their transportation… with family size being a prominent factor here too. Little economy cars are simply not going to work. Ya gotta do […]


Mozilla Firefox, the hugely popular free Internet browser has a built-in pop-up blocker. Open the Menu, Click on “preferences”, then “Content” and check the box [x] Block pop-up windows. The problem is you still get annoying, dancing, moving garbage ads. Today I got fed up enough to bang around looking to put a stop to that, or at least some more of it than the built-in pop-up blocker was doing for me. I am very pleased with what I found. Once again, Open menu, but this time go to “Add-ons”. Now enter “flash” in the search box at the top right. The list of choices is impressive. Click the “More” button to learn about them. Pay attention to the number […]

Conner sunset

I had been working several hours in the yard with Scooter’s willingness to explore Western Montana limited by a 20′ rope. She’d had more than enough of that little world view while I had over plenty of digging, scratching in the stubborn soil and hooking up ground lines for my ham radio. We took our walk up along the river and back. The sunset was lovely. It deserved more respect than just passing by. I sat down by the west side of our house and respected it. But almost immediately decided to grab a snapshot, so I took my camera up the knoll a bit and shot this one. There are a hundred million sunset photos out there with most […]

surveying the East Fork

Not because the world has some screaming need I am fulfilling, but merely because I want to… I slipped on my 14″ dairyman boots to walk across a river varying in depth from 10″ – 18″. If your math skills are average or better, you will correctly guess those boots were quite full of water in short order. During last year’s low tide, in my first iteration, I staggered out with rattle cans and tape measure in a backpack to paint marks on the center support of Conner Cutoff Road over the East Fork Bitterroot. You can see the close-ups of this river-height gauge at river is a-risin’ and “river running by” from last May. A major shortcoming of that […]

private police

Call the Anti-Police: Ending the State’s “Security” Monopoly by Will Grigg Dale Brown (center) with Garrett Ean and Pete Eyre. “How would things be different,” muses Dale Brown of the Detroit-based Threat Management Center, “if police officers were given financial rewards and commendations for resolving dangerous situations peacefully, rather than for using force in situations where it’s neither justified nor effective?”   Brown’s approach to public safety is “precisely the opposite of what police are trained and expected to do,” says the 44-year-old entrepreneur. The TMC eschews the “prosecutorial philosophy of applied violence” and the officer safety uber alles mindset that characterize government law enforcement agencies. This is because his very successful private security company has an entirely different mission […]

post card from Conner

It has been a long time since I posted one of these. It is very definitely not because I don’t appreciate the nature surrounding us, how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to be here. Today I am working in “the front yard” burying my ham radio grounding lines. The river is splashing over the rocks. Scooter is on a loooong lead to keep her Beagle-ness in check. I am hacking at roots, working river rocks out of the dirt, and bit by bit getting shallow ditches dug in the river bottom land. In deference to may age and fitness level, I definitely stop and drink in the scenery regularly. I even sit down and drink in my […]

foresters for the beetles

I just made the trip from Darby to Dillon and back. That area of the Bitterroot and Beaverhead National Forests is being devastated by the mountain pine beetle. More than half the trees in huge tracts of what can today be called “forest” are standing dead – dry, highly flammable and waiting to explode into a forest fire that takes the rest out in a big hurry. In 2007, the mountain pine beetle was blamed for killing 3.9 million acres of trees in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Washington. Some forest experts anticipate that every large, mature lodgepole pine forest in Colorado and southern Wyoming will be dead within three to five years. One would expect forest managers […]

feeling smug and toasty

Our new woodstove is starting to earn its keep and has me feeling a bit clever with a couple of my installation innovations. First off, it is definitely warm in my studio. Actually, as predicted, a bit over-warm, truth be told. Sitting a tad over three feet from the cabin’s heat source will do that. Darn-near everyone is eager to explain to me that noisy fans are the answer. I’m more inclined to dress for the occasion, rather than adding noise pollution and electrical consumption to my heating system. Back to my innovations. I have been dragging a couple sheet steel chunks around for over a decade. Unrelated to that or the woodstove in the then unforeseen future, I found […]

Never Forget

There is an incredibly diverse number of organizations that are dedicated to uncovering the truth of that fateful day. Each specialty recognizing glaring holes in the official story from their expert perspective. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice. Pilots for 9/11 Truth an organization of aviation professionals committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11th of September 2001. Our main focus concentrates on the four flights, maneuvers performed and the reported pilots. We do not accept the 9/11 Commission […]