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Waking Up Our Neighbors is Resistance

from SHTF Journal

I had a conversation with a colleague of mine about a week ago which really highlighted the seeming futility of arguing with some people regarding the state of our union. The topic of the conversation isn’t important, but the fact that I yet again attempted to have a rational and reasonable conversation with someone who is left leaning shows that I am living the definition of insanity. We continued to get angrier and angrier at each other until finally we stopped talking and have not talked since. This highlighted a question that I have been tackling with for a while. Is it even worth it to try to convince people who are not awake to the reality of what is going on in our country and around the world? Should we focus our efforts on trying to wake up those who are more receptive to the message or should we see the act of waking up our neighbors to the truth as a ministry of sorts, working diligently to crack every nut no matter how hard?

I’m sure that many of you have had similar experiences where you started feeling comfortable with someone that you were getting to know and at some point you started revealing more and more about your belief in the failing of our nation. First they snickered and then they rolled their eyes and then they went into a tirade about how you are delusional, spouting out garbage regurgitated from the mainstream media (MSNBC, FOX News, etc.). You argued using facts and you tried to show them reason, yet they were completely incapable of understanding anything that didn’t come from the television or mainstream websites. This is 95% of the population of this country. The masses don’t want to or are too lazy to do their own research. They refuse to believe anything that isn’t provided to them by the puppets of the government. Even if you use the mainstream media, tying the stories together to show them causality and causation, most are still incapable of seeing the truth because it was not put together for them by somebody else. Trying to convince the majority of people that the truth they have been force-fed is a lie is next to impossible short of sitting them down in a chair and cranking their eyes open as if they were in A Clockwork Orange.

clockwork-orange-eyesBreaking this type of dependency on information is one of the biggest hurdles we have to cross in order to wake up those we care about. Sometimes it is next to impossible and sometimes it requires a bit of effort. So this leads me back to the question, is it worth the headache and the hassle of trying to wake up those who are so dependent on the system as to make it next to impossible? I believe it is.

My life and yours are the sum of all of our experiences and though we might not be able to see something while it is happening to us, the old adage “hindsight is always 20/20″ lives true in all of us. We might see a conversation with a liberal as being infuriating and aggravating, but who knows? One day after many of these futile arguments and enough evidence that shows that their worldview is wrong and disconnected from reality, maybe they too will wake up.

ChainedWhen I use the word ministry in a previous sentence, I meant it. We should see the act of waking up our neighbors and the act of showing this country the truth as a holy mission. We have not gone so far as to require armed revolt, so think of every word and every attempted communication with those who have not yet seen the truth as resisting the destruction of this nation.

I understand that doing this is difficult and I myself do not do it on a regular basis. Talking to people who do not agree with us can be infuriating, but no one knows who could potentially be the person who helps wrestle this nation back from the brink. Every person is a cause as much as this nation is a cause. Don’t lose heart and never stop. The Republic depends on it.