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Prep Alone, Die Alone

Community as a Requirement for Survival

from SHTF Journal

20140324-123500.jpgThere can be no doubt to anyone who can read the writing on the wall that the world is on the brink of a massive collapse. Whether you think it will come from an economic catastrophe or a massive natural disaster, We the People are due for a massive cataclysm that will test even the strongest and most well prepared of us. One thing that has been left out of many blog posts and articles in regards to prepping is the necessity for community. Many of us believe that preparing a year’s worth of food, stocking up on ammo and weapons, setting up water supplies and creating a defensible position will be all that will be required to survive the upcoming SHTF scenario. This line of thinking will get you/your family killed. If you truly care about the well being and safety of your family, you must find like-minded individuals to work and train with for the future. Human beings formed communities not out of a desire for human interaction or entertainment, but due to the reality that there is security and numbers.

20140324-123510.jpgPreppers, as a matter of course are a secretive lot for obvious reasons. We have spent thousands of dollars preparing our homes and our families for any eventuality. Most of us fear the reality that if our neighbors find out the we have a stockpile of supplies, that we will all become targets for people who did not have the foresight to prepare. Unfortunately, after 30 or so days anyone still living will know that you have food, arms, and ammunition and though your secrecy might help you through the first month, it will not necessarily help you with roving bands of criminals and bandits. Steadfast men and women with the training and mental fortitude to watch your back are your biggest assets for helping you through any eventuality.


When all hell breaks loose life will necessitate 24 hour security. The moment that you and your family become complacent will be the moment you are robbed and (if you’re lucky) killed. Those who are smart need to realize quickly the necessity for community. Here are the benefits for preparing with groups of families, whole neighborhoods, and even towns.

1. You’ll be able to set up a larger area of security with more people being able to watch the perimeter and keep realistic security rotations. An average person is capable of paying attention for around 4 hours straight. Any more time than that will create complacency and lack of situational awareness. The simple truth is that you need eyes and ears for security. Without the bodies to fill that need, it is only a matter of time until your encampment will be overrun and your supplies taken.

20140324-123517.jpg2. More hands can help you constantly upgrade your force protection. ForcePro as it is known in the military requires constant upgrading and modification (as mission dictates). One thing that every soldier who has ever lived on a fire base or combat outpost knows is that you never stop building up your security. If you have people to cover security WHILE building up your force protection, you’ll be 90% of the way to defending your community against people who would wish to take what you have.

3. A single-family can survive, but a community can flourish. With numbers come specialties. No one can be good at everything and the more people you bring together the more likely you are to find people with a set of skills that you need to make your life more secure and more comfortable. The best time to find these individuals is before all hell breaks loose. This will give you time to figure out everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Human assets are the most important supply you can have.

4. Though a SHTF situation will require a strong leader to pull everyone together and to get the job done, a large community can prevent any one person from letting that power go to his or her head. It will not be like it has been in the past where power is granted by committee, but several people thinking together and strategizing will give your community the best chance for survival. Additionally, no one can think of everything and a large brain trust can possibly think up of something that a small group might not.

5. Fellowship will not only be a luxury, but an essential resource for survival. Anyone who has ever spent a significant amount of time by themselves or even with a small group of people knows that isolation can be almost as deadly as bullets or starvation. Isolation can cause tempers to flare, which can lead to bad judgment, which can lead to the destruction of everything you have built. Without a large group of people to satisfy our need for relationships and human contact, it’ll only be a matter of time before any small group will implode. Yes, even your family. Additionally, misery is a lot more tolerable when that suffering is shared. Bonds are formed when people have shared experiences and that includes even the bad ones.

20140324-123527.jpgWe like to think of our families as islands and that all we need is each other. We take great pains in making sure that we have enough food, water, supplies, and training so that our families will be ready for anything, but this is only part of the equation. The reality is that we would never have been able to survive as a species if we didn’t learn to live together in communities. This was true in the past and will be doubly true when the SHTF. It doesn’t matter how many weapons and how much ammo you have, you and your family cannot defend against the bands of criminals that will infest the land after the collapse happens. Only those who are prepared with their neighbors and their communities will have a chance to survive.