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Darby Mercantile

mule-drawn wagon
There’s a new store in town,

and it is a welcome one.

The goods are arriving a bit at a time, but the trend is clear to see… Natural, organic, healthy, local, thoughtful selection.
There are some very interesting bulk commodities and they make soups and breads right there in their kitchen.

It is:

Darby Mercantile

404 North Main Street, Darby.

Open from 9:00am to 6:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.

The phone number is 821-2237. It is right across the street from the Darby Post Office.

Among other things, I grabbed a couple of good-looking peaches. Absolutely the best I have had this year, probably in many years.

She was working on a pot of broccoli soup last time I was in. The aroma was wonderful and made me notice a gorgeous display of fresh broccoli. I brought one of those big, beautiful heads home too.

If you, like me, value this type of shop locally, stop by and encourage it to grow and prosper.

VOTE with your dollars