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no personal offense intended

0 fruitEven as I wrote it I knew that yesterday’s “monster cookies” could easily give offense; could be taken as judgmental or a personal insult. Unlike the vast majority who have more refined social skills than mine, the words came out anyway.

However, I planned this apology or explanation even as I wrote. Yesterday had a grocery store trip planned where I could take these snapshots and scout the isles for this article.

0 produceFirst off, I know my perspective is unusual, abnormal (as in absolutely not normal), unique, non-mainstream, etcetera.

Secondly, I am very much aware that I am not perfect … I don’t even play perfect on TV. While being good, moral, industrious and such are attractive to me as ways to live, perfect is a self-image that is not even on my list of targets.

Among things that are on that list is being non-judgmental. Not my job, man.
1 beer
I accept, appreciate and enjoy as much as possible, people for who they are. I try to minimize my contacts with bullies and jerks, but welcome the rest into my life as much as I can.

Back to my first point: one measure of my odd-ness is how little of the supermarket is of interest to me. These guys are specialists in making every foot of shelf space pay its way. They are in business of earning money 2 natural foodson every item they sell and moving as much as possible through their store every day, week after week.

When Missy and I cruise through the store, we both fully recognize that
It’s a big world out there and we are not even close to typical.

I do not think our grocery bill is much different than average. I do, however, think we get a whole lot more Food For Our Buck.
3 chips pop
Of the costs to the packaged food industry, a disappointing percentage is in actual food content. Most of the money they, and in turn their customers spend, is on processing, packaging and marketing. Missy and I don’t buy much of that.

BUT, I know MOST people in this country do. I have a pretty good understanding of why, but that is the subject of an entire blog site, not one little entry thereof. It is very definitely NOT a shortcoming or failing in those individuals. 4 juice

Average, normal, mainstream …. these are all the heart of the tribe, the center of the community, the strength of the village.

The Odd Man Out understands his position. He either accepts it or goes bonkers.

So of these shelves that all have to pay their own way and isles of product that must attract customers who make that happen, what is in it for me?27 dairy 2

Well, if it were up to me and people much like me, the grocery store would be very, very small. Of 29 isles I use maybe 6. Of those we do shop, less than 10% are of interest. In rough numbers, we are supporting 2% of the grocery store’s content, perhaps less.

That’s about right – as in pretty darn consistent with many other areas of my life where I am a 2%-er, or even more outlandish.
6 packaged dinners
How could anyone that abnormal conceivably be judgmental about the 98%. He’d have to be crazy. That is one thing I am not. Stop snickering. Odd does not equal crazy.

So to anyone who felt insulted by my comparison of budgetary priorities regarding what you put into your bodies, please understand that I am trying to stimulate thought. I attempt to plant seeds and hope they germinate. If they make it, GREAT! Failures to thrive simply mean it wasn’t the right seed, time, place or whatever.

Like any other strange people in your lives, I too merely want to be accepted.