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post card from Conner

river at low tideIt has been a long time since I posted one of these. It is very definitely not because I don’t appreciate the nature surrounding us, how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to be here.

Today I am working in “the front yard” burying my ham radio grounding lines.

The river is splashing over the rocks.
Scooter is on a loooong lead to keep her Beagle-ness in check.

I am hacking at roots, working river rocks out of the dirt,
and bit by bit getting shallow ditches dug in the river bottom land.

In deference to may age and fitness level,
I definitely stop and drink in the scenery regularly.
I even sit down and drink in my water bottle pretty regularly too.looking down on river

I took Scooter for a couple of walks.

The last one was to the knoll overlooking our patch of the Bitterroot’s East Fork. I scaled down the cliff a bit (not too smart) to capture this photo from above our beach.

Thanks to my cheap old camera
and the absence of the audio track,
it loses a whole bunch in the posting.
But it is the best I can offer here and now,
so there it is –
today’s post card from Conner, Montana.