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foresters for the beetles

beatle killI just made the trip from Darby to Dillon and back. That area of the Bitterroot and Beaverhead National Forests is being devastated by the mountain pine beetle. More than half the trees in huge tracts of what can today be called “forest” are standing dead – dry, highly flammable and waiting to explode into a forest fire that takes the rest out in a big hurry.

In 2007, the mountain pine beetle was blamed for killing 3.9 million acres of trees in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Washington. Some forest experts anticipate that every large, mature lodgepole pine forest in Colorado and southern Wyoming will be dead within three to five years.

One would expect forest managers to allow the unemployed loggers, logging trucks, mills and mill workers of the area to go back to work; to thin out the dead, dying and soon to be infected trees. Non-experts could think putting people back to work, creating local lumber, re-kindling western Montana economy and making forest products inexpensively available would be desirable.

Amateur observers would consider creating breaks in the forest a good way to slow or even curtail the spread of the beetle.

We peasants would think logging infested areas of forest would stop the spread and meet a rather obvious management objective preserving much of the nationalized forest ecosystem for all to enjoy.

Ah, but either we don’t understand the objective, or the college grads, masters of forestry and phd’s are ignorant and stupid.

I have chatted with quite a few trained, experienced foresters. I haven’t found an ignorant, stupid one yet. I don’t think that is IT.

They do, however, follow orders. They do what their employer demands, as long as they wish to retain that employment. If oaf-fish-al policy says “No logging”; no logging it is. But that makes no sense. The result will be no incomes, no livelihoods and hardly anyone able to live around here. This could depopulate wilderness areas.

So we come to the objective.

Uncoincidentally, The Council On Foreign Relations, which is made up of nearly all major corporate heads plus past, current and future political figures, has published as one of their major objectives:
Links to this abound. Ixquick search “UN Agenda 21 depopulate wilderness areas”
where you will find this one, this one, this one and many, many more.

“Who the heck put them in charge?” you might ask.

It’s funny you should ask that.

They did.

Yep. Nothing in the Constitution allows them to own a speck of land outside of the confines of Washington DC. Nowhere did they gain legal ownership of land in Montana or any other forest anywhere.

They took it and we let them.
They keep it and we let them.
They depopulate it and we let them.

You may not see a way to reduce their power, but for goodness sakes,
stop voting for them,
stop believing them
and stop listening to them.

New paths and sources of information will open to you.