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The Shadow Cabinet is a feature of the Westminster system of government. It comprises a senior group of opposition spokespeople who, under the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition, form an alternative cabinet to that of the government, and whose members shadow or mark each individual member of the Cabinet. Members of a shadow cabinet are often but not always appointed to a Cabinet post if and when their party gets into government. It is the Shadow Cabinet’s responsibility to criticize the policies and actions of the government, as well as offering an alternative program. In most countries, a member of the shadow cabinet is referred to as a Shadow Minister. In Canada, however, the term Opposition Critic is […]

great news show

Paul Craig Roberts is among the most credible sources of information and analysis available today. An economist in the Reagan Administration; researcher and analyst thereafter. He is knowledgeable, informed and connected to great sources of information. In this YouTube show, he covers the important BIG news of the day. The world we know is simultaneously at several precipices, militarily and economically. You really should know this. Thorough, honest summary of world news: You Tube video Greg Hunter interviews Paul Craig Roberts Covering what really matters and explaining why the rest is smokescreen. For those of you who, like me are on limited Internet access, My monthly download allowance before watching the video was 9.4 gigabytes. After watching I had 9.4 […]

the apprentice … (revised 8/12)

Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, “See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.” – Harry Browne Harry also liked to challenge people and audiences to “Name your favorite government program” before proceeding to shred it with logic and examples… if they had a favorite program, which more often than not they didn’t. We live near the Trapper Creek Job Corps Center. Kids who have not had much success in life are granted entry into this federal program that places them into a dormitory, feeds them, enforces fairly tight rules and enrolls them in one of several on-site trade schools. I am […]

more load testing

200-yard, 3-shot, scoped, benchrestWe were back at the 200 yard line again this morning. After some quality time communing with my reloading bench, I had some more ammo to test. For CMP and NRA High Power Rifle matches, we use a “service rifle” which is in appearance and function semi-auto versions of rifles that were or are used in military service. We shoot 200-yard offhand slow-fire, 200-yard sitting rapid-fire, 300-yard prone rapid-fire and 600 yard prone slow-fire. What it comes down to in the Expert and Master classes is an AR-15 with one load that fits in the magazines for 200 and 300 yard shooting with another specialized load for 600 that must be loaded one at a time as […]

The Most Deceptive Word In The English Language

  This article was written by Bob Livingston and originally published at Personal Liberty Digest This is a political and subversive word created and promoted by the establishment as a major key to formulate and channel the public mind. It has more than saturated the public conscience. Very “intellectual” people spout this word assuming that it means human freedom and liberty. The truth and purpose of this word is for a cover and disguise for fascism and socialism. This word is the workhorse of the American propaganda ministry.Every person is taught this word, from politicians to school children. The government indoctrination centers (also known as schools) and the corporate media use it religiously. Politicians love its sound. It is one […]

Community Preparedness Team

Organized Community Defense Is America’s Last Hope Wednesday, 06 August 2014 02:42 Brandon Smith Not long ago, I felt compelled to address the idea of self defense as a moral imperative in an article titled “Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.” My intention was to perhaps undo some of the propaganda conditioning that Americans have suffered over the decades that has taught them that “all” forms of violent action are “immoral”, including the defense of one’s person, one’s property, and one’s freedom. The recent uprising at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nev., confirmed my predictions that many Americans are tired of playing by rules chartered by the establishment and are ready to take measures outside of the boundaries […]

200-yard range results

.308 load testing Berger 175gr at 200 yards propelled by 43.7 grains of Varget .223 load testing Berger 80.5 grain bullets propelled by 23.8 grains of Varget

being poor VS poverty

Poverty vs poverty: Seven traits of the successful poor Claire Wolfe It’s a mystery why one person can be poor but still be proud, independent, and reasonably content while the guy next door is only content to slide into a swamp of misery, blame, slovenliness, dependence, and cigarette smoke. I agree that Alchemist summed things up pretty well by observing, “Poor is a state of finance. Poverty is a state of mind.” But why?   Entire tomes have been written about poverty, of course. How soul-crushing it is. How it leads to crime. How it’s everybody’s fault except the individuals who are in that state. How it’s increasingly becoming institutionalized among entire classes. I have no answers for that (and […]

The Big Blackout

Why I’m Going Low-Tech to Prep for an EMP from The Organic by Daisy Luther This might be stating the obvious, but in the event of an EMP, things will not be the same, no matter how great your generator is. Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media wrote an excellent article about the extreme likelihood of a catastrophic event that could take out our power grid: Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer is warning investors – and more broadly, lawmakers and leaders – about the potential destructive power of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, which could be triggered by solar events or artificially, via blasts in the atmosphere. According to Singer, research shows that no other incident, including a nuclear […]

I Can’t Help That I’m a Libertarian

by Sheldon Richman from The Future of Freedom Foundation It’s not easy being a libertarian. I am not looking for sympathy when I say that. I just mean to point out that rejecting the conventional wisdom on virtually (do I really need this adverb?) every political question, current and historical, can be wearying. Life could be so much simpler if it were otherwise. No doubt about that. I really don’t like conflict, especially when it can quickly turn personal, as it so often does. (I embrace the advice that one can disagree without being disagreeable.) But for a libertarian, disagreement with most people is not an option. We can’t help it. Strictly speaking, reason doesn’t permit us to choose […]

math exercise

I’m putting together some factors. Decide for yourself what adds up and what doesn’t. For this math exercise, definitely don’t overlook what DIVIDES. That’s been one of their most important tricks… mainstream media, legislators, etcetera, continue to subdivide the peasants into black, brown, gay, gun-guys, this religion or that… on and on. Can’t have ya’ll realize we have a monstrous common enemy who we completely overwhelm together. Allow me to re-introduce Ixquick – a search engine that does NOT keep track of what you look at/for. It is real easy to make it “your search engine”. It has been mine for years. Ask it anything… in private. All of the below is documented thoroughly on the Internet. Both sides are […]

multi-million dollar prostitution ring busted

Laws? Laws? Those are for lesser people. Ditto Honor and Integrity. The USofA was sold a long time ago, but never so blatantly as it is now. These people don’t even bother hiding it. Hitlary and Slick Willy openly accept massive bribes selling inside connections to the levers of power. “Prostitute” is actually not the right term for their activities. They were really acting as pimps, selling you, me and the rest of the USA for $48,000,000 cash in their pockets.   ‘Bombshell documents’ show ‘Clintons turned State Dept. into a racket to line their own pockets’ “Bombshell” documents released by Judicial Watch on Wednesday show that former President Bill Clinton scored millions of dollars in international speaking fees, all […]

airliner story crashes

Ukraine MH17 may be CIA false flag and it ain’t flying by William Engdahl William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages. Get short URL Members of a group of international experts inspect wreckage at the site where the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed, near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo) in Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine August 1, 2014. (Reuters) ​The world has seen all this theatre before. We saw it with the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident during the Vietnam War. We saw it with the CIA-Saudi faked Sarin gas episode in 2013 that brought the world to the brink of a world war. […]

ebola – behind the headlines

Ebola 2: here come the “global pandemic” promoters by Jon Rappoport Now in the UK, the government has absurdly decided it wants to hunt for 30,000 people who might have “come in contact” with air traveler Patrick Sawyer, who is said to have died from Ebola. At first, the search was going to be aimed at only several hundred, but now they’ve multiplied the hysteria factor. Here is one predictable outcome: at clinics and hospitals, frightened people who arrive with what are labeled “early signs” of Ebola will be labeled as probable cases. What are those symptoms? Fever, chill, sore throat, cough, headache, joint pain. Sound familiar? Normally, this would just be called the flu. What’s (intentionally) missing in all […]