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Conner radio repeater

view up the west fork from repeater

view up the west fork from repeater

Today I completed my part of construction for the future Ham radio repeater on the knoll above Conner.
Conner repeater box of rocks
The first step was to get permission and signed contracts from the landowner allowing it to happen. That wasn’t hard as the new neighbors are great people who are becoming our friends… and who, active in search & rescue, are very supportive of radio communications.

Conner repeater platform near complete 7xNext I had Jeff Cherry of U. S. Communications check the site and design the repeater … that he is donating, including installation.

This, by the way, will dramatically enhance the ability of amateur radio operators in the Conner area of getting information to and from Darby, Hamilton, Missoula and beyond.

I designed a platform to suit the rocky hill.  looking East The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club voted to pay for the platform materials. I picked them up, cut, dug through solid rock, concreted the legs and assembled.

Filling the box with rocks was something I thought might discourage rodents from making the platform home … and potentially damaging things for us.

What your eyes can see from these pictures, the radio waves in 2-meter and 440cm will also enjoy… making good communications for a Conner area that has spotty access at this time.

looking north towards Darby and beyond

looking north towards Darby and beyond