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safety in a riot

I posted some great Lessons from Ferguson that Daisy Luther put up at The Organic Prepper.

I fully agree that the safest place when angry mobs roam the streets is barricaded in your home … with your well-armed neighbors preventing violence from entering your neighborhood.

The problem with that approach is that the safest place for your neighbors is barricaded in their homes as well.

Oops, nobody is protecting the neighborhood.
One by one your household faces a violent mob.
One by one you are taken out, pillaged, burned to the ground and/or whatever else the marauders choose to do. All of you except Rambo have your fates decided by the worst humankind has to offer.

I won’t be casting my fate to the wind, trusting dumb luck or huddled in the corner eyes squeezed shut, hands over my ears, chanting happy wishes.

I will not lock myself in a wooden box hoping for the best.

Hopefully I will be in good company.

Interestingly, whatever your idea of a good, solid COMMUNITY is, one of the lessons from Ferguson is that the owners, operators and employees of a tattoo parlor and next door gun store are very good neighbors – a strong community.

After the day captured in this widely published photo, their bonds of trust and friendship are stronger than most you will ever know.