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87% disapprove of Congress

A poll conducted by Gallup last week shows that Congress’ approval rating has stayed near historic lows since last November, currently hovering at 13 percent.

They have been horrible. Allowing the executive branch on a drunken rampage of constitutional violations, completely undermining the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend, elected by and for big-money interests, accepting bribes hundreds of times larger than their bloated self-granted paychecks, exempting themselves from their own horrible laws, and so much more.

Those positions supposedly designed as representatives of the people are completely bought, paid for, and sold out to the elite 0.1%. Please verify that statement by looking at the campaign finance reports. YOU don’t show up. YOU don’t matter.

I should be excited that the people in the USofA are finally waking up to how evil Congress is.

Unfortunately, it bodes no good. It is not due to any grand awakening.

Nope, the disgruntled are merely disappointed that the government largess isn’t landing in their pockets.

They don’t mind at all how much is taken from the productive side of the populace.

They don’t care about total destruction of liberty.

They aren’t concerned about a blatant conversion to a police state.

The Military/Industrial Complex slaughtering people around the globe doesn’t faze them a bit.

Nope. Their favorite program is under-funded…
And they probably perceive a shortage of free beer and pizza…

Old saying: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

This friendship is clearly built on wet sand.