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The Government Can Kill Your Smartphone

  • California thinks a “kill switch” on your smartphone will protect you. Here’s why you should be terrified.

Most Californians probably think their government was looking out for them when it passed SB962. The legislation requires phone manufacturers to install a “kill switch” in all smartphones sold in the state. The politicians will tell you they’re trying to make stealing phones less attractive, since they can remotely shut down them, making them worthless.

At least that’s what they’re saying when the cameras are rolling, and when people aren’t paying attention.

There’s a dangerous consequence to installing this supposed safeguard. On the surface, it sounds like a way to deter thieves. But really, it just gives the government another way to shut down communication and control their citizens.

If you need proof, think about what would happen if the police in Ferguson had access to a smartphone kill switch.

In the beginning, they did everything they could to stop you from learning what was happening on the ground. They banned helicopters from reporting from the sky. Grounded all drones that had the ability to record. And they’ve cracked down on any news reporters or journalists they’ve come across.

In fact, most of the footage you seeing coming from these ongoing protests are from smartphones. The very smartphones that can be turned off if the people in charge think its necessary.

Unfortunately, no one will hear this story. When they talk about kill switches, they’ll tell you about the rise of cellphone thefts over the past ten years. They’ll cite how much an iPhone sells on the black market. And they’ll make you terrified to ever take your eyes off your device.

They’re hoping you take your eyes off the real danger.

What’s the big deal, you’re probably saying. After all, only Californians have to worry about it. They made their bed by electing the politicians who passed the bill. Now they have to sleep in it.

If only that were the case.

You see, California just so happens to be the largest phone market in the country, which makes sense since they have the largest population. So a law passed in the state has more influence than a law passed in a state like… Wyoming.

What does this mean? Well, if phone manufacturers are going to change their design so they can do business in California, they’re going to wind up selling those kill switch phones in the other 49 states. So how long before other state government follow the Golden State’s example and pass kill switch legislation of their own?

Who wants to bet Missouri is one of the first states to follow their lead?