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tunneled in to Syria

Blatantly for the past year, The War Machine has been trying to take over Syria. I published several articles with supportive links here: see Syria. The British people shockingly thwarted the full-on nuclear war last fall, with other crowds in Europe and online continuing to stymie the sociopaths’ favorite approaches.
syrian attackers
But they are a persistent blight. They don’t stop scheming and looking for an entrance – or multiple entries. When they can’t simply float their aircraft carriers in, they’ll dig a tunnel.

Look at the rifle the “militant” is holding. A made-in-USA, scoped M16. You know full well he didn’t buy that at the local sporting goods store.

When even the mainstream media can publish photos like this with a caption requesting USofA bombers take this dude out for god, queen and country, you know far too few of us are paying attention.

How obvious does it have to get? The sociopaths are arming both sides. The goal is lots of dead brave people and nobody but their puppets left in charge … of everything.