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math exercise

I’m putting together some factors. Decide for yourself what adds up and what doesn’t.

For this math exercise, definitely don’t overlook what DIVIDES. That’s been one of their most important tricks… mainstream media, legislators, etcetera, continue to subdivide the peasants into black, brown, gay, gun-guys, this religion or that… on and on. Can’t have ya’ll realize we have a monstrous common enemy who we completely overwhelm together.

Allow me to re-introduce Ixquick – a search engine that does NOT keep track of what you look at/for. It is real easy to make it “your search engine”. It has been mine for years. Ask it anything… in private.

All of the below is documented thoroughly on the Internet. Both sides are there. If it smells like the truth and adds up, it probably IS. If it stinks and doesn’t make sense, it probably ISN’T.

The USofA government spent the last 15 years implementing martial law capability. “patriot act”, armored cars replace patrol cars, vests and machine guns to most government agents, training ya’all to accept strip-searches on command, disappearing Bill of Rights.

Surplus Mine-Resistant-Assault-Vehicles for thousands of peace officers LAW ENFORCERS. C’mon, they are simultaneously abandoning them in Arabia to one rebel group after another. How’d these surplus vehicles get back across the ocean????

There is no ammo, no primers, no powder, no bullets on our gun shop shelves, but there are trillions of them for every USofA government agency, for Ukranian neo-Nazis, for Arabs, plus RPGs, SAMs, tanks…. You buyin’ that stuff?

“Russian-leaning rebels” WELCOME, encourage, plead for international inspectors to look at the crash site. As the crash inspectors arrive it suddenly becomes a very hot war zone…. what, did those nasty rebels suck the bombs, rockets and cannon fire out of the air to hide their misdeed???

This is not recent.
It has nothing to do with the Kenyan-in-chief.
He is just another smooth-talking puppet.
It is bi-partisan, assuming you still think the republicans and democrats are two

The Rulers have spent decades on biological war development.

Bio-warfare experts have spent years in Ebola’s native land.

Viral experts from dozens of countries long ago converged in West Africa to fight Ebola and similar diseases for years. There is unquestionably more Ebola expertise in its native land than anywhere on the planet.

Those same experts say there is virtually no chance Ebola would migrate to another continent – reach the USofA, for example.

Oh but wait, The Rulers brought it here, didn’t they.

Not just anywhere, but one of the major transportation hubs in the USofA: Atlanta.

“So two people can get the best care possible”, they say.

Via “executive order”, which is NOT law, the president claims he can do anything he wants to anybody anywhere in the world IF there is danger of disease like Ebola spreading… detainment, disarmament, imprisonment, confiscation of assets, isolation, water-boarding, shut down transportation, TSA checkpoints at the grocery store, commandeer all food… no limits.

False flags have thus far failed to start WWIII, and failed to disarm Americans.

The attempt to provoke it in Syria fell apart.

Too few are buying the Ukrainian war.

Sandy Hook and Aurora Theater flopped.

Ixquick “false flag”. Thanks to the Internet, the gun/bomb false flags are failing.

Ah, but they have not yet tried bio-weapons.
(I’d talk about nukes, but you need to hear that stuff first elsewhere.)

Here’s a fresh Ebola article covering a side mainstream media won’t tell you from the Health Freedom Alliance website:
What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?

It seems rather obvious to me that we are about to have Ebola get loose in Atlanta.

That is supposed to make us run to The Gulag and surrender whatever liberty we have left.

While you are busy adding things up, I remind you of two recent power substation attacks. Ex-special forces guys said, “That’s how we would do it”. The perpetrators were never found.

We are frequently reminded on the Internet how fragile our power grid is. One link fails, over-draws others and the whole thing comes down … for years.

The military-industrial complex within our borders is currently supplying arms to both sides throughout North Africa and the Mediterranean… raking in tons of money, killing men, women, children and installing puppet governments. Dirty nukes, chemical weapons, tanks, rockets … they get them all.

ISIS is rumored to be CIA in drag. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but surely it is a pony. Mainstream media tells us, “ISIS over-ran nuclear and chemical storage facilities”. Just don’t be surprised if the next false flag has a nuclear component.

If you are good at math, you expect some ugly stuff – and to have THEM claim it as an excuse to suspend the last tatters of liberty this country has left.

Oh yeah, signature elements in their recent false flags: pre-written speeches of outrage, event websites coming up a day before it takes place, like the famous BBC foupah on 9/11 where they announced the collapse of WTC before it happened, and the Sandy Hook victims fund website dated the day before.

Patrick HenryJust sayin’, when the next big thing happens, watch the early reports very closely… keep your antenna on full-power and your sniffer turned on.

As for me, I’m not going.

I’m not biting.

Win or lose, I will be in good company.