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multi-million dollar prostitution ring busted



Those are for lesser people.

Ditto Honor and Integrity.

The USofA was sold a long time ago, but never so blatantly as it is now. These people don’t even bother hiding it. Hitlary and Slick Willy openly accept massive bribes selling inside connections to the levers of power.

“Prostitute” is actually not the right term for their activities. They were really acting as pimps, selling you, me and the rest of the USA for $48,000,000 cash in their pockets.

‘Bombshell documents’ show

Slick and Hitlary

‘Clintons turned State Dept. into

a racket to line their own pockets’

“Bombshell” documents released by Judicial Watch on Wednesday show that former President Bill Clinton scored millions of dollars in international speaking fees, all while his wife was in charge of U.S. foreign policy as secretary of state.

The speeches were delivered in a host of countries with varying relationships with the United States, and according to the June 2011 documents, which detailed how the State Department allowed Clinton to deliver 215 speeches despite the apparent conflict of interest.

They allowed the Clintons to rake in $48 million in fees.

“These documents are a bombshell and show how the Clintons turned the State Department into a racket to line their own pockets,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “How the Obama State Department waived hundreds of ethical conflicts that allowed the Clintons and their businesses to accept money from foreign entities and corporations seeking influence boggles the mind.”

During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received donations from several countries with interests in the United States, according to Judicial Watch’s statement. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, home of Hamas’ top political leader, donated tens of millions of dollars, according to CNN.

The documents were released pursuant to a federal court order after Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department in 2013.

You can read the Judicial Watch’s entire statement from Judicial Watch here.