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flippin’ bergers – part 1

Bergers at 200 July 26thAll I have used in my .308 are target bullets and target ammunition. I wanted something in this versatile rifle that could actually DO SOMETHING. From my reading, Berger’s 175 OTM Tactical is a great hunting round.

So I aim to find out. I loaded up 3 each in 3-grain increments from 42.8 grains up to 44.9 grains of Varget… hand-weighed powder charges, of course.

While my reading led me to think the 44.0 load would be the cat’s pajamas, my rifle definitely prefers 43.7 – as you can see.

Keep in mind that These holes were punched from 200 yards away. Most of us would be pleased with this as our 100-yard group. It measures 1 1/2 inches from center-to-center. Needless to say, I am definitely pleased with this at 200.

For our next outing I will have 5 each of these Berger bullets behind 43.6, 43.7 and 43.8 grains of Varget.
It doesn’t have to get any better,
but what the heck, it might.