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the good guys

I have read and heard awful stuff from both sides. I even got a note from a couple of trustworthy personal friends who are over there right now, confidently identifying the right and wrong side of the conflict.

War is ugly. Nobody, not even the dead, look good in war.

Who is really right and who is wrong in the Palestine/Israel conflict? Not to mention the Israel vs the entire Arab world.

Here is a hint:


israeli nukes
The news is obviously manipulated. Mainstream USofA media shows bombed-out Gaza with dead, injured, devastated Palestinians while breathlessly talking about the rockets landing on Israel. The lies are blatant.

Not to say the truth is never victim from the other side’s news broadcasts.

Irrefutable, however, are the guns, money and land. The graphics in this post DO NOT LIE. This is reality. The past, present and future is very definitely depicted. The rest is open to debate, but can easily be compared to the reality you see here. If your sources are opposite this, find new sources.

Look at the 1891-1896 segment of Banking History. The Rothschilds created Israel to protect their oil interests … as they took over every patch of Arabia that had oil in it.

Since then, the Rothschild-manipulated politicians have sent enough guns and money to insure their pet junkyard dog was always strong enough to do their designated job.

If you are brave enough to know how insidious and invasive the web is, you can start by reading The Octopus.

Meanwhile, right out in front of us is the blatant flow of money and arms to the most belligerent state in the region. While plenty of stuff goes unfunded within “our” borders, this money flow never stops. For whom? I hope you are figuring that one out by now.

Your news tells you that Gaza is threateningly close to Israeli cities. Look at the current map. That tiny little strip of land on the left point in the place now called “Israel” is where the remaining Palestinians are huddled.

The ruling junta has announced that they intend to bomb Gaza back to the dark ages. No electricity. No fuel. No water. No sewer. No food. No nothing.

Imagine you were cornered there. Where you going to go? Who is going to help you? Do you want to see what Palestine’s last days look like: Israel snubs international pressure, and continues to bomb Gaza, meanwhile, the death toll surpasses 120 Palestinians, mostly civilians

Israeli theft of Palestine maps