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river hangout

river hangoutThe river has come down a foot or so and we are a month older than pictured here, but it’s the photo I have available for this thought.

I just opened the windows to let the evening cool take the temperature down in the house. Mid-morning tomorrow it will be rising to 70 degrees outside while indoors has cooled to that temperature. That’s when we close the windows.

At this moment we are just under 80 inside and 68 outside.

That is Bitterroot Montana air conditioning. Off grid. No electricity needed.

The real beautiful part is the sound as I open the windows.

A river running by.

Oh yeah, a vehicle on the highway every few minutes at this time of the evening. Later, nothing but river.

No sirens.
No barking dogs.
No trains.
No airplanes.
No neighbor’s stereos.
No traffic.

I dunno. Open your window what do you hear?
Besides river?

I still can hardly believe we finally arranged our lives to be here.

Not perfect, for sure.
But I don’t know who has it better.

I keep wishing THEY would just leave us the heck alone with this life. Nevertheless, we enjoy every moment we are given. That’s the best we can do.