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Gun Confiscation Begins in New York

Dear Conservative,It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that the war over the Second Amendment has come to a boil in New York State.

For weeks, we have been receiving rumors that New York State Police had begun confiscating firearms from citizens. Under the unconstitutional “SAFE Act,” the State of New York has unprecedented authority to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Because all citizens are forced to register their firearms with the State, that gives New York the ability to target gun owners for confiscation!

The adage goes that registration leads to confiscation, and New York is proving that saying to be absolutely true. Because New York State has a list of all gun owners, the powers-that-be are able to comb through files until they discover a reason for confiscation. Or, sometimes the “reason” falls right into their lap.

We have learned from George Curbelo, the lead coordinator of the pro-Constitution group New York Revolution, that New York State Police have begun confiscation efforts. As freedom loving patriots, we must stand with our brothers and sisters in New York and DEMAND that Congress put an end to New York’s unconstitutional gun confiscation program!

Tell Congress to PREVENT New York from confiscating civilians’ firearms and also STOP the Democrats from implementing gun registration nationwide!

In one confiscation case, there was a married couple going through a rough patch in their relationship. The wife sought out marriage counseling to try to figure out how to fix her marriage.

New York’s SAFE Act completely eliminates individuals’ HIPAA protections. What goes on between NY residents and their doctors is no longer confidential. In fact, doctors and therapists actually have an incentive to report patients to the police for their guns to be confiscated.

Well, according to Sheriff Thomas E. Mills of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, the therapist reported this woman (who shall remain nameless out of courtesy) to the local police for firearms confiscation. When the Sheriff’s Department honored its oath and refused to carry out the unlawful seizure of the family’s weapons, the case was turned over to the State Police.

The State Police went to this couple’s home and seized the family’s weapons, all because the SAFE Act allowed them to.

We learned of another incident from a post on A Nassau County man answered his front door to see a swarm of cops. He was told that the police were there to check his firearm’s serial numbers. Under New York law, the police have the authority to verify that the serial numbers registered with the State are correct. That is one of the conditions of owning a firearm. However, in this particular incident, Police entered the home without a warrant.

It was only after the safe was opened that the police informed the homeowner that this wasn’t a routine inspection… it was a confiscation order. After registering his firearms with the state, the police realized that the man had been found guilty of a misdemeanor charge FIFTEEN years ago. Not only was it a misdemeanor, but it might as well have been a lifetime ago!

Still, that didn’t stop police from taking all of his firearms without ever so much as serving a warrant.

These two stories are in their infancy, however what is 100% VERIFIABLE is the fact that in every instance in modern history, firearm registration leads to confiscation!

The gun grabbers tell you that they aren’t interested in taking your guns and I am telling you that is a complete lie. They are pushing “Universal Background Checks” because that is essentially a backdoor way to register firearms. If there wasn’t some type of registration component to these background checks, there would be no way to prove that background checks were ever performed!

Then, once your guns are registered with the state, the gun control advocates will increase the number of disqualifiers for firearm ownership. With your firearm serial numbers recorded, the gun grabbers will pass new laws that disqualify you from gun ownership.

We see that today in cases of non-violent, verbal spousal arguments. Gun control organizations want to label marital shouting matches as domestic violence incidents worthy of firearm confiscation.

Based on the evidence that is out there, firearms confiscation seems to have begun in New York State. The day we knew was coming has finally arrived. Registration has begun to lead to confiscation. We MUST do everything in our power to stop these infringements in New York, but we also need to make sure that Harry Reid and the Democrats don’t nationalize this horrific law as they intend to!

The Second Amendment exists to protect all the other amendments in the Bill of Rights. But when it comes to protecting the Second Amendment, that responsibility falls to us. It is our job to ensure that the gun grabbers don’t get their way and that firearm ownership continues as a tradition for years to come.

If confiscation truly has begun in New York, which seems to be the case, then YOU must do everything in your power to put a stop to it! The Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers must be protected. But additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that a gun control bill is not put up for a vote in Congress. And the only way to ensure that is to put your Representatives and Senators on notice that a vote for gun control is a political death sentence!

The time has come for us to answer the call and stand up against the gun grabbers in New York, and around the country, who have made it their life goal to disarm Americans!

Tell Congress to PREVENT New York from confiscating civilians’ firearms and also STOP the Democrats from implementing gun registration nationwide!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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