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stop the slaughter

… or at least STOP contributing to it.

They are bombing, shooting, killing people, destroying water supplies, turning cities to rubble, poisoning food, arming violent gangs, disarming honorable defenders, dividing heretofore compatible societies, spreading lies and ignorance …

… and using your money, time, approval and energy to do all this.

I am not going to list even a fraction of the horrors they are spreading around the world in Detroit, DC, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Armenia, … every dang corner of this globe. There are libraries full of this stuff, not to mention the real gem of good information, The World Wide Web.

Stop ignoring it. Stop pretending you don’t understand it. Stop helping them… at least begin withdrawing your support. Recognize where you do, and take the first steps in turning your energies and money away from helping them.Federal Reserve OWNERS

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act gave them near-unlimited power. Before that, the USofA printed its own money, backed by gold and silver, which put real solid limits on the printing thereof.

From that moment on, The Nine Godfathers printed all of the dollars, backed it with nothing and loaned it out to the governments and people of the world… collecting both interest and principle on their fiat currency.

How much did they steal since then?

Widely “known” is that the dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1913. True, it is gone, but stolen is not quite the same thing, is it?

How much purchasing power are we talking about? Of the 3,000 billion dollars floating around in various forms in 2010, they withdrew 98% of its value or $2,910 Million in 2010 dollars. Rounding that off to Three Thousand Million Dollars today understates it, but the Fed hasn’t published real numbers for a long time. Though I found plenty of good data, this 2010 was the best chart I found, so I’m using it.

What would you do with $3,000,000,000,000?

M1 15 Feb 2010They aren’t like us. For them, Job 1 is to make themselves much more money, but even more importantly in those dark places between their ears, to make EVERYBODY ELSE poorer. They have openly stated that Dead is better still.

This chart shows all the dollars in the world as of February 2010. Look at 2003-08 realizing that 98% of that went to them to do with as they pleased. And it wasn’t close to enough.

So they took the huge pay raise you see in ’09-’10. The reality today is much, much worse with “Quantitative Easing” and other baldfaced lies multiplying their take since then.

With most of the money in the world, they bought most of the corporations in the world. The bought most of the politicians in the world (check campaign finance reports if you doubt this statement). They bought most of the media in the world. They bought most of the schools in the world. They completely infested the top levels of every significant board, bureau and organization in the USofA with puppets, apprentices and obedient dullards.

They build most of the weapons in the world. They arm both sides of every conflict. They feel clever increasing the firepower to the underdog every time it looks like one side or other might be losing, the war waning and the killing slowing down.

For every plan, every action, they have the scripts written before it begins. Every False Flag event has the sales pitch built in. Even the rebels and terrorists know their roles from the moment they join the play.

I could go on – obviously I have, but trust me, there is a lot more where this came from.

What to do? … or stop doing?

STOP accepting the role they assigned to you. Tell Central Casting to Take a hike.

STOP using their Newspeak. Words matter. Thoughts matter. Truth matters. They hate ’em all. How do you know they are lying? – Their lips are moving. Get your mind off its lazy butt and think about everything they say; everything they want you to believe you think.

Covertly armed fighters are “terrorists”, while the overtly armed are “freedom fighters”. CIA coup-installed rulers are “duly-elected leaders” while resistors to their schemes are “rogue dictators”. Bombs manufactured by Raytheon always kill militants. Car bombs always kill innocents.

Learn their language. They will nearly always tell you the truth if your translator is functioning.

Better still, find sources that require less processing to get at the truth. I link to them from here all the time. One place to start.

Do the real job of Thinking. It may be hard at first, but believe me, it becomes a habit – and as unpleasant as the truth can be, I wouldn’t go back to their land of oz for anything, and I mean anything.

STOP believing their enemies list. You and the rest of the world have ONE enemy and it is one we all share. THAT is precisely why they create the divisions they do. The army of red, white, brown, black, gay, other-religious, other-lingual, immigrants, refugees … well, all non-Bilderbergs is so immensely powerful that the truly ugly people would be buried before the sun sets on the day enough of us know who the real enemy of the world is.

STOP letting the lies pass in everyday conversation. When people around you spout their scripted lines, quietly interject “That isn’t actually true”. You don’t have to get into big debates, but we all have to begin shifting the dialogue back from Newspeak before it is the only language left.

STOP giving them money. Get out of their dollar. Get out of their stocks and bonds. Move to real money. Move to barter and exchange. Move to hard goods. Buy tools. Build a how-to library. Heck, hire a gardener who turns your yard into a farm.

Dump your Federal Reserve Notes as best you can, as fast as you can. (A happy side-effect of this is, if you move big enough, soon enough, the looming hyperinflation will find you with much of your wealth preserved).

At his moment, THEY claim every man, woman and child in this country owes a national debt of $55,000 per person. “Owes who?” you should ask.
Their number:

National Debt Clock

They claim we owe it to them. When you get to thinking for yourself, it turns out it isn’t owed at all. Let the politicians pay ’em… better still, in paper promises.

I don’t owe it, or even the tiniest piece thereof.
When you recognize its actual ownership, you don’t either.

Bleed The Beast

If there is anything you can do to stop feeding the beast, do it. Give nothing to the banksters or any of their subsidiaries unless you absolutely cannot get out of it. Even if they claim you owe it, make them spend $100 for every $1 they get from you.

Take every penny you can from them any way you can. Sign up for every program they offer. Let ’em think you are dependent. Just make darn sure you remain aware of its ultimate demise. The death throes of this monster will be ugly.

Truth is, they print every dollar they require for operations. Your tax dollars go straight to the interest on “the debt”. They no longer need your money at all.

I do understand that they will print whatever they need to continue their show. But our lives, liberties and sacred honor depend on each and every one of us doing whatever we can to expose the man behind the curtain; to break down the matrix.

The key is that we toss off their yokes, stop slaving for them, begin to understand the show and prepare to fight back when they make their main move.