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logger back

It has been weeks since I had any back pain or sciatica symptoms. After just over a year of those two severely limiting my mobility and abilities, this is very good news indeed. Chief among the good parts is feeling healthy, strong and able to do whatever I want to get done. Way down the list, but still there is the validation of my choices in treatments. The links that follow here are some of the milestones I blogged about in the 13 months I spent from initial overdoing-it injury to the point I felt healthy and ready to report to work. I am compiling and posting this as a reminder to self – for reasons that will become clear […]

War Is Coming

— Paul Craig Roberts I am having a hard time nowadays writing on social, cultural, local news and other things that I normally express here. The War Machine is lighting the skies around the world, slaughtering humanity, fueling all sides in horrific destruction, all for their amusement, power and profit. So little seems significant as we sit on the Eve of Destruction. Paul Craig Roberts is a definite inside source, having rubbed elbows with the elite until he escaped that den of iniquity. Here is another inside view of the world behind the curtain of deceit presented by the propaganda machine. – Ted The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of […]

ethnic clensing in Palestine

What would it have been like to be alive while the Europeans wiped the native Americans off the map? Very much like today where the main sources of news tell nothing but lies about it. – Ted The Moral Failure Of The West Paul Craig Roberts Readers are asking for my take on the Israel-Gaza situation, and, believe it or not, Oxford University’s famous debating society, the Oxford Union, invited me to debate the issue. I replied to the Oxford Union that I was unprepared to take responsibility for the Palestinians without undergoing the extensive preparation that an Oxford Union debate deserves and requires. Unless things have changed since my time at Oxford, one prevails in a Union debate by […]

corrupt judges

FISA court judges buying Verizon stock as they approve NSA surveillance Judges who serve on the FISA court, approving the government’s collection of phone metadata, have bought Verizon stock in the last year. Although the justices have financial involvement in the company, it is not considered a conflict of interest. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the National Security Agency and other members of the country’s intelligence community must request approval from a top-secret court (the FISA court) to be able to legally place an individual under electronic surveillance. They must show that there is probable cause that the targets “are or may be” aligned with a terrorist organization with the purpose of carrying out acts of terrorism against […]


Over 1,000 Palestinians dead in Gaza. Over 1,000 Ukrainians dead in eastern Ukraine. Over1,000 Syrians dead in Syria. Unrelated … except all are buried over large pools of natural gas … all are demonized by the Big 6 Media Monopoly… all were killed with military arms/training/support supplied by USofA… lamestream media thinks they all deserved to die… The Internet has both sides of the story widely available. Malaysian airliner disappears – kind-of It appears as THE mainstream media headline story for 3-4 weeks solid. There is plenty of other news, but watching them you’d be hard-pressed to know it. They definitely don’t want you to forget Malaysian airliners for some reason… Malaysian airliner is blown out of the sky… yet […]

war drums

25 Recent Events Causing WW3 That They Want You To Forget Remember when our rulers told us that regimes like Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad were the epitome of evil and must be liberated because they allegedly killed their own citizens? Probably not. Americans have short memories. I only remind you to let you know that the U.S. and other Western governments have reversed their stance on regimes killing their own citizens. They now fully endorse and support this rule-with-an-iron-fist so long as the victims can be successfully labeled “separatists” or “terrorists”. In fact, they want in on the action. The Pentagon began wargaming this week with the regime in Ukraine on how best to kill pesky citizens in Eastern […]

flippin’ bergers – part 1

All I have used in my .308 are target bullets and target ammunition. I wanted something in this versatile rifle that could actually DO SOMETHING. From my reading, Berger’s 175 OTM Tactical is a great hunting round. So I aim to find out. I loaded up 3 each in 3-grain increments from 42.8 grains up to 44.9 grains of Varget… hand-weighed powder charges, of course. While my reading led me to think the 44.0 load would be the cat’s pajamas, my rifle definitely prefers 43.7 – as you can see. Keep in mind that These holes were punched from 200 yards away. Most of us would be pleased with this as our 100-yard group. It measures 1 1/2 inches from […]

Will the US attack the US again?

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: Will the US attack the US again?   By Dennis Cimino As the United States collapses financially, and the dollar declines, is another massive FALSE FLAG self-inflicted wound imminent? It is painfully clear that the United States Government is rapidly running out of time with regard to the rapid implosion of the U.S. economy, where the ineffectual attempts to start an obfuscating war with Russia in the staged shoot down of an airliner over the Ukraine. The plane has proven to have been full of ‘over ripe’ cadavers, which may have been killed during the takeover of MH-370 in March. Much propaganda has been spouted about an economic turnaround with such obtuse and obviously ‘out of […]

The Chaos is Planned

-Rob Kirby By Greg Hunter On July 21, 2014 In Economy No Comments By Greg Hunter’s Derivatives and gold expert Rob Kirby contends financial markets are controlled by the U.S. Treasury. For example, Kirby contends, “The Interest rate derivative trade means the U.S. Treasury can make banks captive buyers of any amount of U.S. government debt it wants to issue–literally any amount.” Kirby goes on to say, “The reality about interest rates is they are at zero and they are not going up.” Kirby says the financial markets are not the only thing controlled; so is the current global chaos. Kirby explains, “The chaos is planned because the architects of the chaos are the globalists. The globalists have […]

Malaysia MH17 crash

– 10 questions Russia wants Ukraine to answer Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov (A still image from RT video) Some Western states and Kiev rushed to find Russian involvement in the MH17 crash having no evidence to back their claims, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister told RT. He invited Ukraine to answer 10 questions to prove their commitment to an impartial probe. Speaking to RT, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov has criticized Western countries for jumping to conclusions just “24 hours after the crash” while there is no evidence. “They try to show to the whole world that we are responsible for the crash. It is very strange that without any evidence my colleagues from western media would […]

What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner?

— Paul Craig Roberts   Washington’s propaganda machine is in such high gear that we are in danger of losing the facts that we do have. One fact is that the separatists do not have the expensive Buk anti-aircraft missile system or the trained personnel to operate it. Another fact is that the separatists have no incentive to shoot down an airliner and neither does Russia. Anyone can tell the difference between low-flying attack aircraft and an airliner at 33,000 feet. The Ukrainians do have Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, and a Buk battery was operational in the region and deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner. Just as the separatists and […]


100 and 200 yard targetsMy low-rent Romanian AK47 had an awful trigger that was like a pointy stick dragging across broken pavement. Worse, every shot fired would reset the trigger with a smart SLAP on your trigger finger. Not too many shots downrange before anyone and everyone had enough. Today was its first outing with a new trigger. No slap. Hooray! Smooth too. Way Cool! It has very little takeup against a light spring, a little tension for just a skosh farther, then BOOM. Perhaps breaking around 2 pounds, though I didn’t measure it. While a very nice, welcome change, it does take some getting used to. It is quite different from the 4.5-pound 2-stage AR-15 or 6-pound handgun triggers […]

The Day Before

Studying history with knowledge of the elite banking families in mind; with an understanding of the role The Bilderberg Group plays in it, and watching events unfold from sources outside their mainstream media leads prudent people to preparation for dramatic change in our world. That is commonly known as TEOTWAWKI – the end of the world as we know it. The psychopaths in charge include a disproportionate number of satanists (web-search “Bohemian Grove”) and numerologists. Their symbols and number games recur in major historical events not because of their cosmic correctness, but because the people causing those events to take place believe in this stuff and actually enjoy making them play out. On July 4th I published this link to […]

Sanctions and Airliners

  Paul Craig Roberts The unilateral US sanctions announced by Obama on July 16 blocking Russian weapons and energy companies access to US bank loans demonstrate Washington’s impotence. The rest of the world, including America’s two largest business organizations, turned their backs on Obama. The US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers placed ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post protesting US sanctions. NAM said that the manufacturer’s association is “disappointed that the US is extending sanctions in increasingly unilateral ways that will undermine US commercial engagement.” Bloomberg reported that “meeting in Brussels, leaders of the European Union refused to match the US measures.” In attempting to isolate Russia, the White House […]