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wonky eyes

The problem with thinking for yourself, questioning everything and taking no pronouncements at face value is that what may seem innocuous often triggers offense. Small paragraphs can explode into whole pages.

Take this simple headline story, for example:


Reuters / Romeo Ranoco
The new American tax dictate FATCA comes into force

Americans avoiding US taxes and stashing cash abroad are in trouble from July 1, when a new law forces institutions hiding money to report on their shady clients. The law will make business with Americans harder, but the US hopes it will raise billions.


So storing your money in the mattress, under a rock or in a federally-controlled institution is okay, but if you dare move it into another sovereign nation it is not.

No, a NEW law FORCES institutions HIDING money to rat on their SHADY clients. Now there’s a sentence full of offense.

I missed the memo of name change … the USofA Congress was renamed “World Congress” or “Earth Congress” while I looked the other way. Amazing. This is okay with everybody???

Effective immediately, every institution is FORCED to report to the USofA IRS. Really?

There is no question whatsoever the level of FORCE eagerly invoked by the USofA government anywhere in the world. We can’t afford roads, but bombs – oh yeah, we got plenty of money for bombs for any institution failing to report to us.

Anybody wanting to keep their earnings or savings is decadently “HIDING IT”??? Like that is a bad thing. I suppose good people leave it in neat little piles on the porch where anyone needing it more can take what they need.

For sure anyone hiring secure storage is definitely a “SHADY CLIENT”. Why in the world would anyone want secure storage for their savings? I suppose having savings at all is the real oddity here. Can’t trust anyone who isn’t living day-to-day, hand-to-mouth, handout-to-handout.

Admittedly it makes business transactions with USofA dwellers more difficult, but somehow that won’t have any negative impacts on the economy or productivity. Oh no, this will be GOOD FOR the country. Lots more money for everybody. Whoopeeeeee!

Work harder … faster … we are getting hungry. Our bomb factories need money.

Better still, “the US hopes it will raise billions”. This gimmick is one of their favorites. Stealing money is rephrased. Somehow it becomes productive work. Muggers become “bankers”. Rapists become “lovers”. Lawyers become “your honor”. Layabouts become “Mr. President”. Oops.. I best stop this line of thought.

As anyone can see, there are definite problems with actually thinking about the words that come our way. I can’t recommend it highly. Life is more placid to those who nod, accept, then return to their bread and circuses…
oh yeah, some guys are playing soccer in South America. A guy in a bar somewhere died of a heart attack over watching someone on TV make a goal attempt, but according to mainstream media, no real humans were killed with IRS-funded machine guns, tanks, drones and bombs that day …
I can see where that is a pleasant little world to inhabit.

Sixteen years of government indoctrination centers didn’t quite take with me. Their programmers didn’t get my processor properly shut off. Maybe I should accept one of those loans to go back.
Or just wait a bit longer for my free ticket to the re-education camp. A few years of waterboarding, GMO food, fluoridated water, sleep depredation … who knows, I might be ready to die for Allah.