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immigrant flooding

In a discussion at The Mental Militia forum, one topic touched on “the immigration problem”. A fellow participant made the following comment, which in my opinion, covered a lot of the truth of the matter.

I see a threat, but not from the immigrants.

The immigrants come here because the US government has set up a system of incentives that rewards them for coming. They are making rational choices given those incentives.

I don’t feel in any way superior to any of these people. Their accident of birth place was different than mine. That is all. I have no more claim to living here than they do. I can defend the property that I bought and paid for but I don’t give a damn about borders drawn on maps by the largest gang of criminals in human history.

The real threat of the immigrants is to the status quo and the elites who profit so very handsomely from that. Take away the welfare, the freebies, and return to free immigration like we had early in the 20th century. No handouts. Then the immigrants who decide to come will be those with ambition and a desire to better themselves. What we are seeing today is an army of children who have been told that they will be fed and housed by the US government if they make it here. For many, that proves to be correct.

The diseases they bring are not so different that those that already exist here. If you are worried about them, take precautions. Vaccination is just one option. But protecting yourself and your children is the inalienable responsibility of every free man and woman. If circumstances change, your protection must change.

It is immoral to demand the use of violence against people you do not know, who have not harmed or threatened you, just because you fear them. Your fear is your problem. Deal with it. That’s part of being free.

I added:

Excellent post, Silver. I’m with both you and Rarick on this one… except…

There is evidence that the “sudden influx” was engineered and expected by the schemers operating the conman-in-chief and other puppets. I do not think they are going to lose with this strategy – whatever it is they plan to win from it.

World-wide, they are playing horrific divide-and-conquer strategies. They certainly have fueled a large number of factions within the USofA… and continue to add heat under each and every pot they have on the stove.

The one thing they know for sure is that if all of their rape victims recognize them for who they are and what they did, they would be dead before nightfall… hung from the lamp-posts by their silk ties or worse.

Their defensive plan is to keep our numbers and power small by getting us to feel a part of little groups divided by ethnic, religious, political and other subsets. Then keep us jostling among ourselves while they pillage and plunder from each and every one of us. While we jostle over bones and scraps, they continue to live high at the top.

Our best defense is figuring them out and sharing the knowledge.